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Re: [ARSCLIST] More open reel supplies questions

Just to put myself on the record (tape?).

I have not used paper leader for years. When exposed to moisture, paper swells afar more than plastic and casues stress- usually ripling- inside the tape pack. It tears. Much of it is not acid free and becomes brittle with age. I can always count on having to replice splices which open up on older tape which uses paper leader. I hate the stuff.

I'm sure static electricity can be a problem with plastic leader but it's one I've very seldom encountered.

Steven Smolian

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] More open reel supplies questions

Does anyone know of a vendor for 3M #67 splicing tape (1/4") that doesn't require purchases in huge quantities?

Alternately, does anyone have experience with the product that US Recording sells as "archival" quality splicing tape at http://www.usrecordingmedia.com/usrprstsptaf.html ?

Also, could anyone recommend a vendor for acid free 1/4 " paper leader?

Thanks again for all the responses to my first inquiry, and in advance for this one. Feel free to reply on- or off- list as you see fit.


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