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Re: [ARSCLIST] More open reel supplies questions

I have not used paper leader for years. When exposed to moisture, paper
swells afar more than plastic and casues stress- usually ripling- inside the tape pack. It tears. Much of it is not acid free and becomes brittle with age. I can always count on having to replice splices which open up on older tape which uses paper leader. I hate the stuff.
Steven Smolian

I find that the optical sensor on my Studer doesn't like plastic leader, and frequently will stop the machine when it goes past. I have also seen instances where the black ink used in timing marks on plastic leader has adhered to the neighboring wrap of tape (the tape had been spliced in ink-side down and adhered to the oxide, ripping it off when the tape was rewound). If I have to add a strip of leader at the head of a tape because the the program starts immediately, I use paper. The stuff I have is not acid-free, to my knowledge, but if I could a source for it, at a reasonable price, I would use it.

-Matt S

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