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Re: [ARSCLIST] fwd: Everything Louder Than Everything Else : Have the loudness wars reached their final battle?

On 01/10/06, Tom Fine wrote:
> Here's a link to the actual article in case you want to print for the
> files.
> http://www.austin360.com/music/content/music/stories/xl/2006/09/28cover.html
> Thanks Dave, this is a good presentation of a vexing self-inflicted
> wound.
> I think we've run this issue around, but that might be the Ampex list.
> For more perspective, see Bob Orban's excellent article:
> http://www.orban.com/support/orban/techtopics/Appdx_Radio_Ready_The_Truth_1.3.pdf
> which shows that these over-loud CD's sound even worse after being put
> through FM processing.
> It's just disgraceful how 50 years of progress in sound recording and
> reproduction -- to where at least a few recordings each year were
> truly life-like -- is being erased in less than a generation.

Thoroughly discussed by Bob Katz in his book "Mastering Audio".

There is one good use for compression plugins - recovering badly
recorded speech. Often there are questions and answers, with one or
other speaker off mic, or simply mumbling. A compressor with the right
settings can work wonders.

Don Cox

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