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Re: [ARSCLIST] fwd: Everything Louder Than Everything Else : Have the loudness wars reached their final battle?

My original posting of the article has still yet to show up in my inbox. Strange, since
it was a repeat of an item sent to me earlier in the day, along with the subject line.

Pardon my indulgence in doing this, but I'm going to send it again with a shorter
subject line and without the FWD..just in case it's my own server that's rejecting it
for some reason.


Don Cox wrote:

> Thoroughly discussed by Bob Katz in his book "Mastering Audio".
> There is one good use for compression plugins - recovering badly
> recorded speech. Often there are questions and answers, with one or
> other speaker off mic, or simply mumbling. A compressor with the right
> settings can work wonders.
> Regards
> --
> Don Cox
> doncox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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