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Re: [ARSCLIST] ARSCLIST Digest - .BWF backward compatibility

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From: "John Spencer" <js@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Here is the primary web page for the BWF standard.  If you read through
> specs, you will see "nchannel" described.  Using interleaving of the audio
> data, it is possible to combine many "tracks" into a single audio file.
> I'm not saying that is good, I am just saying that it can be done.  Some
> applications (Nuendo, Pyramix?) can save multitrack data as a single BWF.
>But...as an average, everyday home computer user...what am I likely to have
that can open and play a .bwf file? In other words, what do I...or can I..
use as the default association for *.bwf? *.wav will either open Windows
Sound Recorder or one of the free sound-file players I have installed...and
I will hear the contents of the sound file. *.mp3 does likewise...which is
why I can click on "Hear the song" on many web sites and hear it. If *.bwf
has no equivalent, readily-available default player, then it would be great
for archiving sound files (if you have the program needed for playback)...
but not so good for making an archive accessible (which, IMO, it should
Steven C. Barr

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