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Re: [ARSCLIST] ARSCLIST Digest - .BWF backward compatibility


mp3 files are good for web access and there are default players out there
(we all know them - QT/ WMP/ Real).

Quicktime will even play native BWFs.  Of course, Windows Media Player

It is also very easy to create mp3 files from BWFs - but this topic started
as what file type should be used for archival purposes, not access.

John Spencer

> From: "Steven C. Barr" <stevenc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Reply-To: Association for Recorded Sound Discussion List <ARSCLIST@xxxxxxx>
> Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 18:52:04 -0500
> To: ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] ARSCLIST Digest - .BWF backward compatibility
> But...as an average, everyday home computer user...what am I likely to have
> that can open and play a .bwf file? In other words, what do I...or can I..
> use as the default association for *.bwf? *.wav will either open Windows
> Sound Recorder or one of the free sound-file players I have installed...and
> I will hear the contents of the sound file. *.mp3 does likewise...which is
> why I can click on "Hear the song" on many web sites and hear it. If *.bwf
> has no equivalent, readily-available default player, then it would be great
> for archiving sound files (if you have the program needed for playback)...
> but not so good for making an archive accessible (which, IMO, it should
> be!)...

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