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Re: [ARSCLIST] Prefered format for digital archiving?

I meant to post this reply to "all" but I goofed. The WAV v AIFF question was
answered anyways so...this might not achieve anything more than clarifying my
original inquiry. If anyone has anymore to say on this issue I'd obviously love
to hear it.

Thanks guys.
Yea...I figured it was a WAV/AIFF thing. We capture most things at 24/48. I'm
less concerned about that (for right now). This was a question about what
type of file I should commit these things to for digital storage. Thanks for the
prompt replies.

Next question: What differences might I notice between WAV and AIFF? Are
there advantages to one over the other? Disadvantages?

Thanks again,

Brandon Burke
Graduate Research Assistant
Digital Library Services
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX
phone: (512) 495-4439
email: bburke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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