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Re: [ARSCLIST] Speed correction equipment.

Hello, Don,

I use my Studer A810s with varispeed option or my Sony APR-5003Vs that include

For cassettes, I have a Nakamichi MR-1 that has varispeed, though the
auto-azimuth option of the Dragons plus software speed correction in Samplitude
might be a better choice for many of the tapes.

Don't forget to do both time and pitch as in software these are independently

I will do what Mike said if it's predictible or sample at 88.2ks/s and be done
with it.

Don't forget, speed changes are often unpredictible and variable--especially on
reels and very especially on "rim-drive" reels, although cassettes can show
some bad speed problems as well.

For that, I use Diamond Cut 5's speed change "filter."

Good luck...oh and don't use a walkman. Other than the D6, I don't think any
cassette walkmen should be considered for cassettes, and I don't think the D6
(I think that's the number) is up to the Nakamichi products.



Richard L. Hess

Quoting Don Saklad <dsaklad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Where does one find equipment of sufficient quality and ability to
> correct speed errors for reel to reel and for cassette copying?...
> There are some sony walkman type products that have had speed
> correction, but which ones exactly?...

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