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Re: [ARSCLIST] Speed correction equipment.

At 12:34 PM 3/22/2004 -0500, Don Saklad wrote:
Where does one find equipment of sufficient quality and ability to
correct speed errors for reel to reel and for cassette copying?...

There are some sony walkman type products that have had speed
correction, but which ones exactly?...

For reel-to-reel, I am using a Studer A 807 reconditioned by Studer Canada and purchased through this list. For cassette, I make the correction digitally. My preferred method is to sample at a rate appropriate for the correction, avoiding resampling in the application; details are at my WWW site in the CD-R primer under "Correcting Pitch" http://www.mrichter.com/cdr/primer/pitch.htm

Mike -- mrichter@xxxxxxx http://www.mrichter.com/

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