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[ARSCLIST] Long term in print recordings -was: Gould Golbergs

I don't know the precise date of release of Dennis Brain's recording of the
Mozart horn concerti with von Karajan and the Philharmonia Orchestra, but I
believe that the sessions were in 1953 or 54 ( I have the exact date filed
away and could check if need be). These recordings have most certainly
never lapsed from being in print. A Caruso 78 that predates this by nearly
five decades may indeed be able to claim the same honor, but I imagine that
tracing it might be more of a complex task than the case of these horn
recordings. Furthermore, there is an inherent difference (in my opinion)
between a single opera aria and an extended work like the Goldbergs or 4
Mozart concerti and this may be more in line with what Mr. Levinson has in

Peter Hirsch

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