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[ARSCLIST] ARSCList Archives Update

Please note the following updates regarding the ARSCList Archives:

1) Searching ARSClist Archives

The complete ARSClist archives (1999-2004) on the CoOL website is now
searchable at

2) New anti-spam features in ARSClist archive

The official archives of ARSClist is on CoOL, which is accessible to
public. Unfortunately, spammers use archives of mailing lists like the

ARSClist to harvest email addresses. In the interests in protecting
ARSClist subscribers from spam, the administrators of CoOL have made
changes and all email addresses have been obscured to prevent the
harvesting of email addresses by robots.

This has obvious benefits, but it also means that you cannot reply to
author of a post in the archives and it is sometimes more difficult to
who sent the post without the complete email address. In light of this,
becomes more important to clearly identify yourself in posts you make,
using your first and last name and your institutional/company
(if you have one) in the body of the email, so users of the archive
know who made the post.

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