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Re: [ARSCLIST] refresh plan

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From: Holly Dzyban
>Sorry, guess I wasn't very clear there, was I?
>Our collection will eventually consist of roughly 15,000 Mitsui Gold CD-Rs,
each of which holds one
>copy of an analog recording. Say 6,000 will be in a semi-closed archive,
used only when the mp3 copies
>do not have high enough sound resolution for our linguistic researcher.
9,000 will be stored in a
>closed archive, only handled to make another CD copy if one of the 6,000 is
lost or damaged. Between
>the semi-closed and closed archives, we'll have five copies of each
recording, each on a separate CD.
>Is that enough information? Thanks so much for your help.
Do you still have the original analog source recordings, and the hardware on
which to reproduce them?
If so, and if these are only played in order to be digitized (to digital
"masters" which are then
copied to provide consumer/user copies), then the survival of your digital
copies is relatively
unimportant, since you can create more as needed. OTOH, if your concern is
having a digital copy
which can replace the analog "master" and perform the archival function one
the original
deterioraytes beyond practical recovery, then you need to know the MBTF for
both the analog
"masters" and the duigital "altetrnate masters."
Steven C. Barr

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