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Re: [ARSCLIST] refresh plan

Hello, Holly,

This is a fascinating project. I'm so glad it's getting done.

As one of the people who might have had some input to this, I am, perhaps,

With five copies (two full-bandwidth vault copies?) of the eacb asset, I think
the important thing would be to spot-check the two different vaults of the
Mitsui Gold full-bandwidth copies for error rates and playability.

I think a small, random sample on a yearly basis would be good. The Plextor
Premium drive provides some degree of feedback.

Probably each year logging the errors from 100 randomly selected discs would be

I pattern of changing the discs while maintaining history over time might be
very useful--especially with new additions coming in. It would be good to
sample the major different batches of discs.

Mitsui claim >100 year lifetime for this product if stored carefully.

I think I read that you're keeping the two full-bandwidth copies separate--that
is cruial. Two separate buildings, not in a common risk zone (i.e. wildfire,
flood, etc.) would be ideal.

Good luck!


Richard L. Hess

Quoting Holly Dzyban <politicholly@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Sorry, guess I wasn't very clear there, was I?
> Our collection will eventually consist of roughly 15,000 Mitsui Gold CD-Rs,
> each of which holds one copy of an analog recording. Say 6,000 will be in a
> semi-closed archive, used only when the mp3 copies do not have high enough
> sound resolution for our linguistic researcher. 9,000 will be stored in a
> closed archive, only handled to make another CD copy if one of the 6,000 is
> lost or damaged. Between the semi-closed and closed archives, we'll have five
> copies of each recording, each on a separate CD.
> Is that enough information? Thanks so much for your help.
> Holly
> Don Cox <doncox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 02/03/04, Holly Dzyban wrote:
> > My organization is currently in the planning/creation phase of a
> > digital recordings archive. I am trying to write the refresh plan, and
> > was wondering if anyone had any advice as far as how and how often to
> > check or replace the 12,000+ CDs in our collection.
> Are these commercial, moulded CDs, or are they CDs written in a
> computer?
> How often will they be handled?
> Regards
> --
> Don Cox
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