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Re: [ARSCLIST] Dolby B in software

I wrote:

> > It´s a single band compressor/expander that operates in the hiss
> > region only.

 Don Cox wrote:

> Yes, putting it more precisely, it divides the signal into two bands,
> and compresses the upper band. So the equivalent in most audio programs
> is a two-band compressor with the lower band set at zero.

Sorry, No.

There is no bandsplitting being done at all to the audio signal.

And it´s absolutely NOT a two band compressor.

You´ve got it all backwards.

>From the Dolby website:


" Dolby B-type Noise Reduction does this by using a SINGLE, SLIDING
COMPRESSION-EXPANSION BAND of frequencies. A sliding band is basically a
filter that can shift its frequency breakpoint up and down. In B-type
noise reduction, the frequency where the noise reduction action just
begins can change from about 300 Hz all the way out to 20,000 Hz."


Goran Finnberg
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