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[ARSCLIST] Fwd: IASA Conference in Pretoria


> Invitation from the IASA President
> Dear Colleagues and Friends
> With this letter you will get the preliminary programme of our Annual
> Conference in Pretoria, which has been set up through the special efforts
> of our Board members Shubha Chaudhuri, as programme officer, and Ilse
> Assmann, as local organiser.  Thank you to the IASA members and
> non-members all over the world who have prepared very relevant and
> interesting proposals.
> The Board's (mid-term) meeting was held at the conference venue, on the
> University of Pretoria campus, and I would like to share with you our
> enthusiasm for this venue, and the people who will host the event. Prof.
> Chris Walton, the head of the Music Department, has generously offered to
> make the facilities of his institute available to us and will enrich our
> lunch breaks with a very interesting live music programme. Those who want
> to have a chat with colleagues, or even take a short siesta, can do so on
> the beautiful lawns of the large park on the campus in the shade of a
> spreading tree, or simply sit in the cool grass next to a brightly
> coloured flower-bed. Last but not least, our stay had some impressive
> culinary highlights, thanks to our hosts who took care of us in a most
> agreeable manner.
> Honestly: do you find any reason not to join us in Pretoria this autumn
> (which will be spring in South Africa)?
> Looking forward to seeing you
> Sincerely
> Kurt  Deggeller
> President of IASA
> Please note that the Registration Form is active and can be completed
> electronically

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