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Re: arsclist National Recording Registry: Nominations

From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Thanks, Bill and Jim, for considering the issue. Personally, I 
believe that humankind will have to develop considerably before a 
disembodied timeslice of sound will have as much "sentimental 
value" as a tangible item. And the collector's world will be 
materially different. 

The subject came up in discussion after a paper by Matthew 
Davies of ScreenSound Australia on 18 September 2002 at the 
IASA Conference in Aarhus, Denmark. Matt gave some very vivid 
definitions which are useful for bringing order to minds having to 
deal with a confusing range of items: he defined Heritage Value 
more or less as the degree to which the material is worth fighting 
for by an archive, and he used the following categories:

Crown Jewels
More Treasure For the Chest
Slag For the Heap

However, not even the lowest category is discarded before some 
time has passed - it is given an n'th chance.

The intenseness of the work was decided on the basis of the 
following categories:

Intensive Care
Weary But Well
Whole And Hearty

All in all a no-nonsense way of looking at things.

I asked about something for the Gem category, and there was no 
problem with finding one from the analog world. However, when 
asked about a disembodied digital gem, upon reflection he felt that 
we are still too close to such items to be able to make a sensible 
choice. This goes very well with the National Recording Registry 
Act's 10 years rule. Incidentally that act was approved by Senate 
on the same day (25 October 2000) that an airport safety act was 
approved. Hopefully it will be more successful.

Best regards,


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