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Re: arsclist National Recording Registry: Nominations

Concerning the National Recording Registry, George Brock-Nannestad wondered:

" - is it the physical item carrying the sound recording and requiring
some kind of apparatus for its reproduction that is to be included,


 - is it the sound recording proper, i.e. a certain number of minutes,
seconds and decimals of sound (when reproduced at the correct
speed), having the intended balance between high and low
frequencies (when reproduced with the correct equalisation)."

George, I believe that the latter approach is intended.  Of course, the
identity of the source sound-carrier would be noted and included among the
pertinent preservation metadata.


George wrote:

"... one of the recordings that I would like to nominate is "only"
distinguished by the fact that it was pressed in
a particular foreign country (albeit for the US market), thereby
reflecting that the US manufacturer was exteremely hard pressed
(excuse the pun!) to get his records out. It thereby reflects
materially on the legal and economical situation of this particular
US manufacturer precisely in those turbulent times. It is hence a
document of high evidential value, but not because of the recording
as such. Any recording of this manufacturer subjected to this
foreign manufacture would have the same value, but I have never
come across any other records of this particular type. Does this
record fulfil the criteria?"

Your example does seem to "inform or reflect life in the United States," in
a way that hasn't yet been specifically discussed by the NRPB.  My guess is
that the record meets the criteria, but I wonder whether it will capture the
attention of the board members, in comparison to the other nominated


Are these answers helpful?

Bill Klinger
13532 Bass Lake Road
Chardon, OH  44024

(440) 564-9340

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