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Bibliographies & Resource Guides

Whitney Baker
Latin American Conservation Resources For Libraries and Archives

Christine Frohnert
Electronic Media Bibliography, December 2009
Maria E. Gonzalez
Collaboration and Fundraising: Preservation of Photographic Materials. Prepared for the Art Conservation Department of the University of Delaware. Version 1.0. May 2012
Fundraising for the Preservation of Islamic Manuscripts: A Bibliography. Prepared for the Art Conservation Department of the University of Delaware. Version 1.0. Dec. 2012

Walter Henry
A Brief Bibliography On Disasters

Arsenio Sánchez Hernampérez
A Brief Bibliography on Pest Management

Emily Holmes
Ergonomics Bibliography

Care, Handling, and Storage of Photographs: Bibliography

Heather Caldwell Kaufman
Lab Design Bibliography

Wendy Jessup
Integrated Pest Management: A Selected Bibliography for Collections Care

Hilary A. Kaplan et al

Archives Preservation Resource Review

Richard L. Kerschner and Jennifer Baker

Practical Climate Control: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography
Erich Kesse

Literature Review: Preservation in General

Christine De Bow Klein
Jewelry History: A Core Bibliography in Support of Preservation

Library of Congress Tracer Bullets
Chemical Exposure: Toxicology, Safety, and Risk Assessment
Remote Sensing

Amy Lubick
Tracing Paper Reference List

Richard Pearce-Moses
Visual Materials Bibliography, an informal, cooperative project of the Visual Materials Section of the Society of American Archivists

Marina Pugliese
Bibliography: Le techniche e i materiali nell'arte contemporanea. From Le techniche e i materiali nell'arte contemporanea
Atti della Accademia Nazionale dei Lincie, Anno CCCXCVII, 2000. Classe di Scienze Morali, Storiche e Filolgiche. Memorie. Serie IX, Vol. 12, Fascicolo 2

Mark Roosa
Magnetic Media Preservation: Selected Bibliography, National Preservation Program Office, Library of Congress
Recorded Sound Preservation: Selected Bibliography

Rebecca Anne Rushfield & Patricia S. Griffin
Conservation Fiction: (Or Fiction that Acknowledges the Existence of Conservation and Conservators)

René Teygeler
Preservation of Archives in Tropical Climates: An annotated bibliography (PDF)

Red Wassenich
Incorporating Information Literacy into Conservation: Searching Beyond Google, AIC Electronic Media Group. AIC Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon, June 9-14, 2004

Perry Willett
Bibliography on Optical Scanning for Preservation

Carole Zimmmerman
Bibliography on Mass Deacidification
Material Published by the Members of the Library of Congress Preservation Directorate: A Bibliography

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American Library Association
Robin Dale, Janet Gertz, Richard Peek, Mark Roosa
Audio Preservation: A Selective Annotated Bibliography and Brief Summary of Current Practices

Bibliothèque nationale de France
La Conservation preventive en bibliotheque orientations bibliographiques (in French)

Canadian Conservation Institute Library
"CCI operates a library as part of its mandate to promote the proper care and preservation of Canada's moveable cultural heritage. The conservation and museology collections make the Library's holdings unique in Canada. The Library has a large selection of more than 10,000 books and 400 journal subscriptions on a wide range of conservation and museum topics. The CCI Library also disseminates information by contributing references to two international databases: BCIN, the bibliographic database of the Conservation Information Network, and BMUSE, the museology bibliography database. Both databases are operated by the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN), a Special Operating Agency of the Department of Canadian Heritage."

CD Information Center (CDIC)
CD Bibliography

Current Cites: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Articles, Books, and Digital Documents on Information Technology

Recommendations for the Conservation of Musical Instruments: An Annotated Bibliography, CIMCIM Publications No.2, 1994

Michael Day
Preservation of electronic information: A bibliography

Suzanne Dodson and Johanna Wellheiser
Bibliography of Standards and Selected References Related to Preservation in Libraries February 1996

Getty Conservation Institute
AATA Online: Abstracts of International Conservation Literature

"AATA OnLine presents all volumes of Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts and its predecessor, IIC Abstracts, published between 1955 and the present".

This is the principle bibliographic resource in the field of conservation and an AATA search should be a basic component of virtually any conservation research effort.

The Project TERRA bibliography
This bibliography addresses literature related to the conservation of earthen architectural materials around the world.

The Lime Mortars and Plasters bibliography
This bibliography addresses literature related to the conservation of lime-based mortars, plasters, and stuccoes found in architecture and artifacts around the world.

Other bibliographies include:
  • Archeological Site Management
  • INCCA - Contemporary & Modern Art
  • Los Angeles Historic Resource Survey
  • Museums Emergency Programme
  • Panel Paintings Initiative
  • RecorDIM Initiative

George Eastman House
George Eastman House Catalog

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
First, do no harm - A Register of Standards, Codes of Practice, Guidelines Recommendations and Similar Works relating to Preservation and Conservation in Libraries and Archives. Compiled by: John McIlwaine (PDF)

Preservation of Library Materials
Sources recommended by a librarian whose research specialty is the preservation of library books and other resources

International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM)
Library Catalogue

Image Permanence Institute (IPI)

Carolyn Kotlas
Computers and Copyrights: Bibliography

Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)
Several groups of bibliographic and other reference resources
Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Atlantic Canada Newspaper Survey
Historic Sites Supplies Handbook

Conservation Information Network
Bibliographic Database (BCIN). References to publications on all aspects of conservation.
Curatorial and Historical Index of Publications
Heritage Law Bibliography
Museology Bibliography (BMUS)
National Gallery of Canada Library Catalogue

Preservation Recording, Copying and Storage Guidelines for Audio Tape Collection
Collections Conservation Bibliography
Cooperative Preservation Programs: Selected Bibliography
Disaster Preparedness and Recovery: Selected Bibliography
Library and Archives Preservation: Selected Bibliography
Library Binding: Selected Bibliography
Pest Control: Selected Bibliography
Preservation of Photographs Bibliography

Regional Alliance for Preservation (RAP)
RAP-ARCC Bibliography
Collections Care:
Archeological Objects
Audiovisual Materials
Natural History Specimens
Photographic Materials
Conservation Treatment
Conservation Treatment
Digital Imaging
Emergency Preparedness
Environmental Control
Fire Protection
General Preservation
Health and Safety
Library Binding
Light Control
Packing and Shipping
Pest Management
Preservation Planning
Staff and User Education
Supplies and Services

UNESCO's Records and Archives Management Programme and Related Documents: A Chronological Checklist and Index

SECURMA, The Museum Security Network
Bibliography on art theft
Literature on cultural heritage protection
Archaeology, Antiquities, Theft, and Looting by Jonathan Sazonoff, includes links to many bibliographic resources.

Morton Ryhl-Svendsen
Bibliography on Indoor Air Pollution, Detection Methods, Material Deterioration, Mitigation Methods, Case Stories, Etc. - most of it in regard to indoor-climate in museums/archives

Smithsonian Institution
Selected Bibliography for the Preservation of Paper Documents

Rebecca Stuhr
Selective Preservation Bibliography

UNESCO ICOMOS Documentation Centre / Centre de Documentation UNESCO ICOMOS
Bibliographical Database

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