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Edition of April 17, 1993

The following bibliography is an informal, cooperative project of the Visual Materials Section of the Society of American Archivists. It is not, however, an official publication of the Society.

The bibliography is intended to identify and describe works useful to photographic archivists and historians. It is not intended to be an exhaustive guide to all photographic literature; the principal emphasis is on specialized works useful for research and archival control, though it includes a number of basic introductory works.

Citations are contributed by members of the Visual Materials Section and other users of this bibliography. Individuals who use this bibliography are requested to submit a citation to a work they find useful and appropriate to the list as "payment." Please send a complete bibliographic citation with an abstract to Richard Pearce-Moses at the address below. As editor I take all blame for all uncredited annotations in the bibliography, and I even accept responsibility for butchering the other contributors' lovely prose in an effort to get it to conform to some semblance of consistent style.

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Photography Bibliography

The following outline describes the organization of this bibliography. Not all sections have entries at this time. Some section overlap; readers should check all sections for relevant entries. Variant editions have been noted in some instances. Descriptions of the different editions sometime are taken from the National Union Catalog or the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) Online Union Catalog rather than from inspection of physical works; in these cases, discrepancies in description may lie with the original cataloging agency.

1. History and General Works
   1.A. Reference works (encyclopedias, dictionaries)
   1.B. Discursive Texts
   1.C. Serials and indices to periodical literature

2. Aesthetics, Criticism, and Interpretation

3. Photographic Chemistry, Processes, and Technical Manuals

4. Equipment

5. Photographers (Biographies, Directories)

6. Preservation/Conservation

7. Archives/Collections management
   7.A. General works
   7.B. Cataloging standards and tools

8. Collection Guides

9. Exhibit catalogs

10. Video disks


Brown, George E.  "Photographic Words and Phrases," in The Photo-Miniature
    25:169 (March 1918).
      "A practical dictionary of the technical words and phrases used in
    current photography and what they mean."   The glossary does not
    include names of chemicals, trade names, or names of processes obsolete
    at the time of publication.

Coe, Brian, and Mark Haworth-Booth.  A Guide to Early Photographic
    Processes.  London: Victoria and Albert Museum, 1983. 112 pp., illus.
      Contains illustrations of the major processes; a commentary on the
    plates; an identification key; a chart indicating the periods at which
    the processes flourished; and notes on the care of photographs.    [PJ]

Eastman Kodak Company.  International Glossary of Photographic Terms.
    Rochester, N.Y.: Eastman Kodak, 1973.  96 pp., illus.
      Terms and definitions in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish,
    Dutch, Portuguese, and Swedish.  Arranged by the English term, with
    indices for the other languages.

Ehrlich, Richard.  Dictionary of Photography.  Essex, England: Longman
    Group, 1984.  183 pp., illus.
      A concise work useful as a desk reference; includes definitions for
    techniques, equipment, processes, and biographies.                [DLD]

The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography.  Fully revised edition.  New York:
    McGraw-Hill, 1977 (c1965).  2 v. (xlviii, 1,699 pp.), illus.
  _____.  Revised Desk Edition.  New York: McGraw-Hill, 1969.  xi,
    1,699 pp., illus.
  _____.  London, New York: Focal Press, 1965.  2 v. (xlviii, 1,699 pp.,
  _____.  Desk edition.  New York: Macmillan, [1960].  1,298 pp., illus.
  _____.  New York: Macmillan, 1956.  xxxii, 1,298 pp., illus.

      Both the 1965 and 1977 editions are described as "Fully revised."

Guerronnan, Anthonny.  Dictionnaire Synonymique: Francais, Allemand,
    Anglais, Italien et Latin des mots techniques et scientifiques emplyes
    en photographie.  Paris: Gauthier-Villars et Fils, 1895.
      Terms are arranged alphabetically in French with definitions in
    French; German, English, Italian, and Latin translations are listed
    below the definitions.  Separate language indices are provided.

Heighway, William.  The Handbook of Photographic Terms: An alphabetical
    arrangement of the Processes, Formulae, Applications, etc., of
    Photography, for Ready Reference.  London: Piper and Carter, 1880.

International Center of Photography.  Encyclopedia of Photography.  New
    York: Crown, 1984. 607 pp., illus.
      An overview in 1,300 entries of the communicative, technical,
    scientific, and commercial applications of contemporary photography,
    including processes, techniques, aesthetics, and connoisseurship.  Also
    includes some 350 biographical entries of photographers born before
    1940 "whose work has shaped and defined the expressive and
    communicative uses of the medium" (Preface), and of scientists,
    inventors, and others who have contributed to the field.  Appendix I
    includes brief biographical notes on some 2,500 others.           [DLD]

Jones, Bernard E., ed. The Cyclopadia of Photography.  London: Waverly Book
    Company, 1911.
  _____. London: Bishopsgate Press, 1981.  572 pp., illus.
      Note: In spite of the imprint of the Waverly Book Company on the
    title page, Cassell and Company, the publisher of subsequent editions
    of the work, is referenced at the head of the textblock in the heading
    "Cassell's Cyclopadia of Photography."
      Other editions:  London: Cassell and Company, 1912.  New York: Arno
    Press, 1974; facsimile reproduction of a 1911 edition published by
    Cassell and Company with an introduction by Peter C. Bunnell and Robert
      "The object has been to include every accepted photographic term and
    to survey the whole field of photographic knowledge, whilst giving
    particular attention to the requirements of the working photographer,
    both amateur and professional. This cyclopadia is intended essentially
    as a simple guide to photographic practice, whatever else it may be.
    In all cases where the process described is commonly used, or is likely
    to be worked nowadays, working directions and definite formulae are
    given." (p. vii.)

The Modern Encyclopedia of Photography: A Standard Work of Reference for
    Amateur and Professional Photographers.  London: Amalgamated Press,
      Associate editors S. G. Blaxland Stubbs, F. J. Mortimer, and
    Gordon S. Malthouse.  Helmut Gernsheim notes the first edition was
    issued as a weekly serial and bound by the Amalgamated Press in two
    volumes with title pages.  The second edition was published by Waverly
    Press in two volumes.
      Articles are arranged alphabetically.  Many articles are extensive,
    covering a wide range of topics; e.g., "Colour photography," which
    includes essays on different processes and many trade name processes.
    Includes a comprehensive index.

Nadeau, Luis.  Encyclopedia of Printing, Photographic and Photomechanical
    Processes, 2 vol.  New Brunswick, Canada: 1988.

Pinkard, Bruce.  The Photographer's Dictionary.  London: B. T. Batsford,
      Alphabetically arranged essays on photographers, photographic
    manufacturers, the history and chronology of photography, and
    photographic techniques and processes.  Articles range from such broad,
    over-reaching topics as "Photography for the First Time" and "Focusing
    the Camera" to technical discussions on Color.  The book is primarily
    contemporary in scope, although a few historically significant topics
    are included.                                                     [RPM]

Snelling, Henry Hunt. A Dictionary of Photographic Art [with] A
    Comprehensive and Systematic Catalogue of Photographic Apparatus and
    Material, Manufactured, Imported, and Sold by E. Anthony. New York:
    Arno Press, 1979 (c1854).

Sowerby, A. L. M. (Arthur Linday McRae).  Dictionary of Photography...
   See: Wall, E. J.  A Dictionary of Photography...

Spencer, D. A.  The Focal Dictionary of Photographic Technologies.  London:
    Focal Press, 1973.

Stroebel, Leslie, and Hollis N. Todd.  Dictionary of Contemporary
    Photography.  Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.: Morgan & Morgan, [1974].

Sutton, Thomas.  A Dictionary of Photography.  London: Sampson Low, Son,
    and Company, 1858.
      "This Dictionary of Photography contains a minute account of the
    principal photographic processes now in use, and a description of the
    various substances employed by the photographer, together with an
    explanation of optical terms, the theory of lenses, rules of
    perspective, &c.  No account, however, has been given of such common
    forms of apparatus as may be seen at every photographic depot in the
    kingdom....  In my description of the several processes I have given
    those formula which, while they produce the best results, involve the
    simplest manipulations and fewest materials, rejecting all such
    modifications as appear to be unsupported by sound reasoning and
    conclusive experiments....
      "This is, I believe, the first Photographic Dictionary that has been
    published in Europe.  A similar work was issued some years ago in
    America, but I have not been able to procure a copy of it." (pp. v-vii.)
      Other editions: 2nd ed.; Sutton, Thomas, and George Dawson, A
    Dictionary of Photography (London: Sampson Low, Son, and Marston,
    1867).  The work has been condensed to make it "as practical as
    possible;" the editors "have eliminated the debatable theories and
    speculative articles which occupied a prominent position, especially in
    the first part of the previous edition, and they have abridged other
    articles which, at the present time, are of less importance to
    photographers than they were in the year 1858."

Wall, E. J. (Edward John)  A Dictionary of Photography for Amateur and
    Professional Photographer: Containing Concise Elementary Articles,
    Illustrated by many Specially Prepared Diagrams (London: Hazell,
    Watson, & Viney, 1889).
      Originally published serially in the Amateur Photographer.  It was
    revised when published in book form.  Portions of some entries appear
    to be taken verbatim from Dawson's Manual of Photography.
  2nd ed., 1890.  The Dictionary of Photography and Reference Book for
    Amateur and Professional Photographers / by E. J. Wall.  London:
    Hazell, Watson, & Viney.  313 pp., illus.                      [MELVYL]
  6th ed, 1895.
      In the Preface, Wall notes that the fourth and fifth editions were
    issued without revisions.  The title page includes the note "Mostly
    rewritten and greatly enlarged."  Contains an appendix of Plate-Maker's
    Formula, including "the formula and working directions for all, or
    nearly all, of the commercial varieties of plates and papers."
    Additional indices include various tables of chemical formulas and a
    multilingual list of synonyms.
  8th ed., 1902.  The Dictionary of Photography and Reference Book for
    Amateur and Professional Photographers / by E. J. Wall; revised and
    brought up to date by Thos. Bolas.  London: Hazell, Watson & Viney.
    iv, 656 pp., illus.                                            [MELVYL]
  10th ed., [1920].  Edited and largely rewritten by F. J. Mortimer.
    London: Iliffe & Sons.  iii, 693 pp., illus.
      Contains Greek roots for some headings.
  11th ed., [1926].  3, 674 p., illus.
  13th ed., [1933].
  14th ed., 1937.  Boston: American Photographic Publishing Co.  634 pp.,
    illus.                                                         [MELVYL]
  16th ed., [1943].  Wall's Dictionary of Photography and Reference Book
    for Amateur and Professional Photographers.  Edited by F. J. Mortimer.
    London: Published for the Amateur Photographer by the Fountain Press.
      Revised and largely rewritten by A. L. M. Sowerby.           [MELVYL]
  18th ed.  Sowerby, A. L. M. (Arthur Linday McRae).  Dictionary of
    Photography: A Reference Books for Amateur and Professionary
    Photographers.  London: Iliffe, [1956].  vi, 719 pp., illus.   [MELVYL]
  19th ed.  1961.  vi, 715 pp., illus.  "Edited and largely rewritten by
    Sowerby" (tp).                                                 [MELVYL]

Woodbury, Walter E.  The Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Photography.  New
    York: Arno Press, 1979 (c1879).


Clerc, L[ouis] P[hilippe].  Photography: Theory and Practice: Being an
    English Edition of "La Technique Photographique".  Edited by George E.
    Brown.  Bath, Melbourne, Toronto, New York: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons;
    London: Henry Greenwood & Co., 1930).
      "This book does not represent an attempt to compile an encyclopadia,
    a work of a kind which is always loaded with descriptions of obsolete
    methods and appliances and the details of numerous applications of
    interest only to a few technical people.  The author's aim has been to
    bring into one volume as complete a treatise as possible on modern
    working methods and apparatus in conjunction with the minimum of
    theoretical considerations which he considers necessary for their
    proper understanding.
      "Since the publication in 1926 of the original French edition, the
    author has mad a considerable number of additions and corrections which
    are embodied in the present English translation."  --Preface.
      Includes an extensive chronology of technological developments of
      2nd ed., 1937.  New York and Chicago: Pittman Publishing.  Reprinted,
    1940, 1942, 1944.

Eder, Josef Maria; Edward Epstein, trans.  The History of Photography.  New
    York: Columbia University Press, 1945.  Translation of Geschicte der
    Photographie, 4th ed., 1932.
  _____.  New York: Dover, 1978.  Reprint.
      Emphasizes inventions and the technical evolution of photography with
    some information on important figures.  An excellent discussion of
    nineteenth-century topics.

Gernsheim, Helmut.  The History of Photography from the Camera Obscura to
    the Beginning of the Modern Era.  2nd ed.  New York: McGraw-Hill, [1969].
      First edition published in 1955 by the Oxford University Press under
    title: The history of photography from the earliest use of the camera
    obscura in the eleventh century up to 1914. Republished as a second
    edition by London: Thames & Hudson and New York: McGraw-Hill in 1969 in
    a new and enlarged edition.  Third edition published in three volumes
    by Thames & Hudson as The Origins of Photography and The Rise of
    Photography; the third volume as yet unpublished.
      One of the most important histories of photography, touching on
    virtually every topic and personality associated with the medium.  The
    work reflects Gernsheim's biases, which largely parallel material that
    he could acquire for his collection of original photographs.  A
    significant European emphasis.                                    [RPM]
      The continental outlook and disciplines that make him so exemplary in
    that respect combine with the historical views of his generation to
    make him most inflexible in interpretation. I'd urge anyone to read him
    on whatever they're most familiar with by their own direct experience,
    and then see if his conclusions stand the comparative test.  [P Stokes]

Gernsheim, Helmut; edited by John X. Berger.  Incunabula of British
    Photographic Literature: A Bibliography of British Photographic
    Literature 1839 - 75 and British Books Illustrated with Original
    Photographs.  London: Scholar Press in association  with Derbyshire
    College of Higher Education, 1984.  159 pp.; illus.
      A bibliography of 635 titles which were illustrated with photographic
    prints tipped in.  The Preface includes a good discussion of the use of
    illustration with original prints from 1843 - 1875.   This volume is
    useful for access to books for which, because of the significance of
    their illustrations, the photographer is considered the primary author.

Gernsheim, Helmut.  The Origins of Photography.  Rev. 3rd ed.  Volume 1 in
    his series, The History of Photography.  London: Thames and Hudson, 1982.

Gernsheim, Helmut.  The Rise of Photography: 1850-1880, the Age of
    Collodion. Rev. 3rd ed.  Volume 2 in his series, The History of
    Photography.  London, New York: Thames & Hudson, 1988, c1987.

Lemagny, Jean-Claude, and Andre Rouille.  A History of Photography: Social
    and Cultural Perspectives.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,
    1987.  First published as Histoire de la Photography (Paris: Bolas, 1986).

Mees, C. E. Kenneth.  From Dry Plates to Ektachrome Film: A Story of
    Photographic Research.  New York: Ziff-Davis, 1961.

Neblette, C. B.  Photography: Its Materials and Processes, 6th ed. New
    York: D. Van Nostrand, 1962.
      First edition, 1927.  Fifth edition, 1952.  Extensively revised with
    each edition, older editions deal with contemporaneous information in
    greater detail.  Emphasis is on the technical aspects of the medium,
    with virtually no attention given to its aesthetics either as a fine
    art or commercial enterprise.

Newhall, Beaumont.  The History of Photography: From 1839 to the Present.
    5th ed.  Boston: Little, Brown and Company; New York Graphic Society
    Books for the Museum of Modern Art, 1982.
      Based on the exhibition catalog, Photography, 1839-1937, originally
    published in 1937, and first published in with revised and expanded
    text under its current title in 1938.
      Newhall is a leading historian of photography.  His opinions, largely
    influenced by Alfred Stieglitz, defined the aesthetics of the medium
    for most of the twentieth century.  A distinct American bias, the work
    reflects a modernist interpretation of the medium's aesthetics, largely
    ignoring those areas of the medium not considered fine art.  Important
    for understanding Stieglitz and the Photo-Secession.

Sandweiss, Martha A., ed.  Photography in Nineteenth-Century America.  Fort
    Worth, Texas: Amon Carter Museum, and New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1991.
    With essays by Alan Trachtenberg, Barbara McCandless, Martha A.
    Sandweiss, Keith F. Davis, Peter Bacon Hales, and Sarah Greenough.

Shaw, Susan.  Overexposure: Health Hazards in Photography.  Carmel, Calif.:
    Friends of Photography, 1983.

Sturgis, John, Vivian Walworth, and Allan Shepp, ed.  Imaging Processes and
    Materials: Neblette's Eighth Edition.  New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold,
    1989.  xvi+712 pp., ill., bib., index.
      A continuation C. B. Neblette's regularly revised Photographs: Its
    Materials and Processes, which changed titles under Sturgis' editorship
    of the seventh edition, Neblette's Handbook of Photography and
    Reprography: Materials, Systems, and Processes (1977).
      Contents: 1. Introduction to images and imaging, 2. Electronic
    imaging, 3. Silver halide imaging, 4. Color photography,
    5. Electrophotography, 6. Instant photography and related reprographic
    processes, 7. Polymer imaging, 8. Low amplification imaging systems,
    9. Thermally processed silver systems, 10. Image scanning and
    digitization, 11. Image compression and transmission, 12. Image storage
    technologies, 13. Non-impact printing technologies, 14. Recording
    electronic images on film, 15. Aerial imaging systems, 16. Imaging for
    graphic arts, 17. Medical imaging, 18. Imaging for microfabrications,
    19. A critique of imaging systems, 20. The stability and preservation
    of recorded images.

Taft, Robert.  Photography and the American Scene: A Social History, 1839-
    1889.  New York: Dover, 1964 (c1938).
      An excellent source for information on the evolution of a medium in
    the country, with technical information on processes and biographical
    information on leading individuals in the medium.


Boni, Albert.  Photographic Literature: An International Bibliographic
    Guide to General & Specialized Literature on Photographic Processes,
    Techniques, Theory, Chemistry, Physics, Apparatus, Materials &
    Applications, Industry, History, Biography, Aesthetics.  New York:
    Morgan & Morgan in association with R. R. Bowker, 1962.  333 pp.
  _____.  Photographic Literature, 1960-1970: An International
    Bibliographic Guide to General & Specialized Literature on Photographic
    Processes, Techniques, Theory, Chemistry, Physics, Apparatus, Materials
    & Applications, Industry, History, Biography, Aesthetics, etc.  [1st
    supplemental volume].  Hastings-on-Hudson: Morgan & Morgan, [1972].
    535 pp.
      Compiled to aid research in the scientific aspects of photography,
    these volumes contain more than 12,000 citations to books, periodical
    articles, and pamphlets; arranged by subject headings.  Included
    biographies of the most prominent persons in the field.           [DLD]

History of Photography.  London: Taylor & Francis.  1:1 (January 1977) to
    the present.

Heidtmann, Frank.  Bibliographie der Photographie: deutschsprachige
    Publikationen der Jahre 1839-1984 ; Technik, Theorie, Bild =
    Bibliography of German-language photographic publications  1839-1934;
    technology, theory, visual.  Munchen and New York: Saur, 1989.  2 v.
      1st ed. has title: Die deutsche Photoliteratur 1839-1978.

Image.  Rochester, New York: International Museum of Photography at the
    George Eastman House.  1:1 (January 1952) to the present.

Imaging Abstracts. Elmsford, New York: Pergamon Press, 1988 -      .
  _____. Also available on magnetic tape and via ORBIT search services.
      Compiled and edited by the Scientific and Technical Group of the
    Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.  More than 55,000
    citations with abstracts of technical and scientific literature,
    including techniques and processing, theory, equipment, and film;
    worldwide coverage for all languages.  Updated bimonthly, adding
    approximately 5,000 citations per year.                           [DLD]

An Index to Articles on Photography, 1978. William S. Johnson, ed.
    Rochester, New York: Visual Studies Workshop in collaboration with the
    Center for Creative Photography, 1980.
      Continued by the International Photography Index.

International Photography Index.  William S. Johnson, ed.; Susan E. Cohen,
    assoc. ed.  Boston, Mass.: G. K. Hall, 1979 - 1981.
      Continues An Index to Articles on Photography.  See entries under
    Johnson for related works.
      Citations for English and other languages arranged topically.
    Approximately 6,000 citations per volume.                         [DLD]

Johnson, William S.  Nineteenth-Century Photography: An Annotated
    Bibliography, 1839-1879.  Boston: G. K. Hall, 1990.  xv+962 pp., index.
  _____.  London: Mansell, 1990.
      See entries under International Photography Index for related works.
      Almost 21,000 annotated bibliographic entries for books and
    periodical articles covering a wide range of publications.  The works
    cited are about photography's first four decades, though they may have
    were written 1839 to the turn of the century; a proposed second volume
    will cover 1880 to 1918.  Entries are arranged under headings for
    artist or author, history, locale, equipment, applications, and usage.

Karpel, Bernard, ed. Arts in America: A Bibliography.  Washington, D.C.:
    Published for the Archives of American Art by the Smithsonian
    Institution Press, 1979.  4 v.
      V.1. Art of the Native Americans, architecture, decorative arts,
    design, sculptures, art of the West, v. 2. Painting and graphic arts,
    v.3. Photography, film, theater, dance, music, serials and periodicals,
    dissertations and theses, visual resources, v. 4. General index.

RILA : Repertoire International de la Litterature de l'Art = International
    Repertory of the Literature of Art.  [Williamstown, Mass.]: J. Paul
    Getty Museum.

Roosens, Laurent, and Luc Salu.  History of Photography: A Bibliography of
    Books.  London and New York: Mansell, 1989.  446 pp., index.
      International in scope, containing some 11,000 citations in twelve
    languages from 1839 through the 1980s, this work includes exhibition
    catalogs, brochures, company literature, and off-prints from
    photographic and non-photographic periodicals.  Arranged by subject
    headings and chronology.  The editors tried to be comprehensive for
    works published before 1914, but they required later works to emphasize
    the history of photography and be substantive for original contri-
    butions to the field or in special topics.  Useful for biographical
    information on photographers and individuals associated with the field,
    for bibliographic citations, and for historical research.        [DLD]

Sennett, Robert S.  The Nineteenth-century Photographic Press: A Study
    Guide.  New York:  Garland, 1987.  97 p., index, bib.
      Garland reference library of the humanities ;  vol. 694

Visual Resources: An International Journal of Documentation.
      Includes an annual bibliography--usually in the second issue of each
    volume--of books and articles concerned with the history and use of
    visual documentation, the organization of visual collections, and the
    impact of the new technology on visual collections; includes media
    other than photography.                                [Helena Roberts]

Wilson Indexes.
   Art Index. Bronx, New York: H. W. Wilson Company, 1984 -      .
   Humanities Index.  Bronx, New York: H. W. Wilson Company, 1983 -      .
      These indices are available in hardcopy, CD-ROM, and on-line; the
    electronic versions are updated twice weekly.  Both include journal
    articles and book reviews; indexed by subject headings.           [DLD]


Coleman, A. D.  Light Readings: A Photography Critic's Writings, 1968-1978.
    New York: Oxford University Press, 1979.

Flusser, Vilem.  Towards a Philosophy of Photography.  Gottingen: Eurpoean
    Photography, 1984.
      The late and missed Flusser is that rare writer who can synthesise
    the most complex conceptual matters into a form which is not only
    elegant but satisfyingly useful. He identifies aspects of photographic
    aesthetics with magical thought.                             [P Stokes]

McLaughlin, Robert Bishop.  "Evaluation of Historical Photographs:
    Considerations for Visual Resource Curators and Librarians in Museums
    and Archives," Art Documentation, 5:3.

Rudisill, Richard. ``On Reading Photographs,'' Journal of American Culture
    5:3 (Fall, 1982).


Brothers, A.  Photography: Its History, Processes, Apparatus, and
    Materials Comprising Working Details of All the More Important Methods.
    London: Charles Griffin, 1892.                                     [PJ]
  ______.  2nd ed.  London: Griffin, 1899. (Spine title: Manual of
    Photography).                                                      [PJ]

Eder, Josef Maria.  Ausfuhrliches Handbuch fur Photographie.  Halle a.S.:
    Wilhelm Knapp, 1882-1888.
  2nd edition, 1891, 1892, 1898.
  3rd edition, 1886, ca. 1905-ca. 1927.
  4th ed., 1893, ca. 1932.
  5th ed., 1903.
      Eder's Handbuch is organized into parts which were published
    serially.  The first edition is divided into two Theil (volumes), then
    subdivided into eight Heftes (books), each of which were further
    subdivided into Capitels (chapters).  The organization of the parts is
    confused by inconsistent terminology within editions.  Later editions
    generally maintained the intellectual organization of the books,
    although additional books were added, numbering changed, and different
    emphasis was given to different topics as photographic chemistry
      Eder includes a listing of literature at the head of each chapter.

Friedman, Joseph S.  History of Color Photography, 2 ed.  London, New York:
    Focal Press, 1968.
      First published in 1944 and reprinted in 1956 by the American
    Photographic Publishing Company, Boston.

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    including the Practice of the Collodion Process.  London: John
    Churchill, 1855. [1st ed.?]
  _____. 3rd ed. 1856.
  _____. 4th ed. London: J. Churchill, 1857.  New York: S. D. Humphrey,
        1858.  New York: H. H. Snelling, 1858.
  _____. 5th ed. 1859.
  _____. 6th ed. London: J. Churchill, 1861.
  _____. 9th ed. Edited by J. Traill Taylor.  London: J. & A. Churchill,
   Continued by George Dawson, A Manual of Photography (London: John
   Churchill, 1873).

Hunt, Robert.  A Manual of Photography.  New York: Arno Press, 1973.
      Facsimile edition of the 1853 ed. published by London: John Joseph
   Griffin & Co.

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Morrison, R. C.  A Chemical History of Nineteenth-century Photography.
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Beaton, Cecil, and Gail Buckland.  The Magic Image: The Genius of
   Photography from 1839 to the Present Day.  Boston: Little, Brown, 1975.
   304 pp., illus.
      Contains 208 critical biographies arranged roughly in the order of
   the subject's birth, accompanied by an alphabetical index to entries.
   Each subject is given a brief resume with an essay on his/her life and
   work and illustrations of work.  Includes a short glossary.        [DLD]

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      More than 2,000 entries of photographers, teachers, chemists,
   writers, art dealers, photohistorians, lecturers, and others "whose
   contributions to the field have proved vital to its growth and
   advancement" (Preface).  Roughly a quarter of the entries are
   historical, the remainder given to contemporary individuals.  In
   addition to information about the individuals, includes publications by
   and about them, repositories holding their work, memberships, awards,
   dealers, and their addresses.                                      [DLD]

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   Their Works.  Boston: G. K. Hall, 1988.  591 pp.
      Compiled from more than 300 dealers catalogs published from 1903 to
   1986.  Entries for each photographer note their appearance in catalogs,
   if illustrated, the number of items in the lot, and if the catalog
   included notes.  Edwards supplements each photographers' entry with
   nationality, dates, contributions to the field, processes used, and
   other similar information.                                         [DLD]

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   701 pp.
      Update of McQuaid and Wilson's 1982 index.
      Based on 540 institutions and their collective total of 32,465
   collections of photographs, this index can be used for biographical
   information on photographers or for listings of collections of their
   photographs.  Includes the photographer's life dates, nationality, and
   number of images held by each institution.  May be useful for
   establishing AACR2 name authority forms.                           [DLD]

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      Some 100 brief biographical entries noting the dates, nationality,
   and other basic facts on the subjects; the work is international in
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      Includes Richard Rudisill's "Directories of Photographers: An
   Annotated World Bibliography," an invaluable resource for locating
   biographical and career information about photographers.  Arranged in
   two parts, published works and works in progress; each is arranged
      Six other articles describe how to conduct biographical research
   using directories and other sources.                               [DLD]

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   bibliography of 409 citations from the nineteenth and twentieth
   centuries.  Organized by general works, early technical treatises, early
   theoretical treatises, monographs on photographers, early views and
   topographical surveys, and addendum.  Annotated, with cross-references
   to other entries and sometimes with contemporary or retrospective
   reviews of the works by noted authorities.                         [DLD]

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   selected by an international board of advisers from a variety of
   photographic specialties.  Also includes listings of individual and
   group exhibitions, collections, bibliographies of works by and about the
   photographer, and a critical essay.  Living photographers were invited
   to submit a statement about their work, or photography in general, and a
   photograph.                                                        [DLD]

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      There are 65 biographies, divided into three chronological divisions
   which represent various formats and genres that were popular for a given
   period.  The alphabetically arranged entries include the photographer's
   or studio's name, life and active dates, locale, principal subjects,
   processes used, extant collections, exhibitions, and a selected
   bibliography.  Index by name, locale, and collections.


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      Genres and physical characteristics intended to be used as headings
   in catalogs.  This list is authorized for use in MARC fields 655 and 755
   on most shared cataloging utilities such as OCLC and RLIN.


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   of photographs in the Smithsonian's vast holdings.  Describes
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   restrictions.  Photographers are included in the descriptions.  Indexed
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