WAAC Newsletter

Volume 23, Number 2
May 2001


President's Letter
Marc Harnly

EEASY Email Event Announcement SYstem initiated by WAAC
Western Association for Art Conservation

Photographing Ultra-Violet Fluorescence with Digital Cameras
Michelle Facini
Dawn Heller
Adam Jenkins
Tonja King
Valeria Orlandini
Martin Salazar
L. Hugh Shockey
Katie Swerda
Alisa Vignalo

An Evaluation of Silica Gel for Humidity Control in Display Cases
David Yu
S.A. Klein
D.T. Reindl

Solar Bagging: putting sunlight to work to eliminate insect infestations in mere hours
Bonnie Baskin

Book Reviews
Joyce Hill Stoner
Carolyn Tallent

Regional News, J. Claire Dean, editor

Health and Safety, Chris Stavroudis, editor

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