Volume 10, Number 2, May 1988, pp. 12-14


Rosanna Zubiate, column editor

J. Paul Getty Trust Publications, Book Warehouse, The J. Paul Getty Museum, P.O. Box 2112, Santa Monica, CA 90406 offers this recent addition to the Research in Conservation series: Terry Reedy and Chandra Reedy. Statistical Analysis in Art Conservation Research. Individual copies are $16.00 each, and for annual subscribers, $8.00.

Southwest Parks and Monuments, a publication branch of the United States Park Service, will release in early May a publication written by Gloria Fraser-Giffords entitled Mission Churches--Inside and Out. This illustrated folder/guide/poster will help explain to visitors at mission sites certain elements of the architecture, iconography, plan, and purpose of mission churches.

Museum Studies International, 1984. A directory which lists high school, undergraduate, graduate, professional conservation courses, internships, workshops, and seminars related to museums worldwide, is available through: Jennifer Gooding, Office of Museum Programs, A & I 2235, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20560.

Winterthur Portfolio. A triannual publication of the University of Chicago Press. This journal focuses on research of America's material culture, emphasizing analytical studies of the many artifacts which make up the framework of American culture. This publication is available through the University of Chicago Press, Journals Division, P.O. Box 37005, Chicago, IL 60637. Individuals $27.50, students $22.00, single copies $9.15.

Wiley Professional Books-by-Mail, is a bookseller which offers varied publications of interest to conservators. Among the many titles offered are:

For more information write to: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., One Wiley Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873.

David R. Hilbert. Color and Color Perception, a Study in Anthropocentric Realism. A publication dealing with analysis of color as a physical property. A more precise understanding of the limitations of human perception of color are presented through this analysis. 180pp., $24.95 cloth cover, $11.95 paper. Order: University of Chicago Press, Anthropology & Archaeology Series, P.O. Box 37005, Chicago, IL 60637.

Professor R.G. Newton. The Conservation of Glass. This forthcoming publication presents a thorough going instruction in the conservation of glass. Causes of glass deterioration and possible damage caused by conservation treatments are examined. 336 pages. Butterworths, Conservation and Museology Books, 80 Montvale Avenue, Stoneham, MA 02180.

C.V. Horie, BSc. "Materials for Conservation, Organic Consolidants, Adhesives and Coatings. Another forthcoming publication by Butterworth discusses the properties of materials used in conservation. Background information regarding the chemical and physical properties of materials is given in the first section of the book. The second section is a survey of individual polymers and their use in conservation. 144pp. $45.00.

Robert L. Feller, Ed. Artists' Pigments: a Handbook of their History and Characteristics. In this new Cambridge University Press publication, 10 pigments are analyzed historically and technically for their importance in the history of paintings. Cambridge University Press, 32 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022. [More information, including availability of the paperback version, appears in Sept.'87 Newsletter.]

All back numbers of the WAAC Newsletter are available for sale. Each deluxe issue costs $5.00 and is available from the Secretary / Treasurer, Joanne Page. Please specify the volume and number or the month and year when ordering. (New members receive all issues for the membership year in which they join.)

The WAAC Resource File is a comprehensive card file system of conservation resources published in 1982 that contains over 300 entries covering all areas of conservation. Available for $20 to WAAC members, postage paid, or $25 to non-members. Write to Tatyana Thompson, 1453-B 14th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Catherine C. McLean and Patricia Connell, Editors. Textile Conservation Symposium in Honor of Pat Reeves, 1986. There are only 200 copies of this beautiful, hardcover, 84 page limited edition of 700. This Festschrift, illustrated with 50 B/W and 10 color photographs, includes 13 presentations by textile conservators, scientists, and historians. To order, send check for $15.00 payable to LACMA to C. McLean, Conservation Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036.


On 18 April 1988, PBS broadcast a documentary, Slow Fires. The one hour program discussed how acid-containing paper was threatening the preservation of the written record of modern man. Segments included visits to the New England Document Conservation Center and conservation laboratories at the Library of Congress and in Florence, Italy. The one hour video, a condensed 30 minute classroom video, and transcripts of the program are available from the American Film Foundation, P.O. Box 2000, Santa Monica, CA 90406, (213) 394-5689.

Istor Productions, a Thompson Conservation Laboratory subsidiary, has been selected by the Guild of Bookworkers to produce and distribute videotapes of their annual Standards Seminars. These videotapes are available for $25.00 each plus $3.00 postage. The following videotapes, produced at previous Standards Seminars, are available now from Istor Productions:

Paring of Leather Covers, and Board Preparation, featuring Don Etherington.

Gold Tooling Using Gold Leaf, featuring Michael Wilcox and Don Glaister.

Edge Gilding and Gauffering, featuring Hugo Peller.

Covering Techniques Using Vellum over Stiff Boards, featuring Heinke Pensky-Adam.

Gold Tooling, featuring Gerard Charriere and Michael Wilcox.

Half Vellum over Stiff Boards, featuring Silvia Rennie.

Paper Cover, Case Construction, and Conservation Rebinding, featuring Gary Frost.

Tool Sharpening, featuring David Brock.

Rebacking Cloth Bindings, featuring Jerilyn Davis.

Expandable Piano Hinge Album, featuring Hedi Kyle.

Covering Fine Bindings in Full Leather, featuring William Anthony.

Doublures, Endpapers, and Leather Hinges, featuring William Anthony.

Turkish Marbling, featuring Paula Gourley.

Endbands, featuring Jenny Hille.

Rebacking Leather Bound Books, featuring Bruce Levy.

Tools and Techniques of Paper Repair, featuring Barbara L. Meierjames.

Collaboration Between Binder and Printer, featuring Craig Jensen and Richard-Gabriel Rummonds.

In addition, Istor Productions has recently completed production on two video tapes for Wei T'o Associates, Inc., and is in production on two more. When the series is complete, there will be videotapes demonstrating the use of Wei T'o deacidification solution in spray cans, spray gun (soft Spray), mass deacidification, and freeze drying and insect extermination. Istor Productions, 7549 N. Fenwick, Portland, OR 97217, (503) 248-0046.

Susan S. Braig, 1617 E. 7th St. #17, Los Angeles, CA 90021, has created a video parody of museum tours called "COMA, The County of Orange Museum of Art."

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