Volume 9, Number 3, Sept 1987, pp.14-16


Chris Stavroudis, column editor

McLean, Catherine C. and Connell, Patricia, Editors. Textile Conservation Symposium in Honor of Pat Reeves, 1986. There are only 200 copies of this beautiful, hardcover, 84 page limited edition of 700. This Festschrift, illustrated with 50 B/W and 10 color photographs, includes 13 presentations by textile conservators, scientists, and historians. To order, send check for $15.00 payable to LACMA to C. McLean, Conservation Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036.

Ruth Norton and Sue Walston, compilers. ICOM Ethnographic Conservation Bibliography. 800 refs. The bibliography costs $10.00, Australian and is available from Sue Walston, Head, Division of Materials Conservation, Australian Museum, 6-8 College Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.

The WAAC Resource File, a comprehensive card file system of conservation resources containing over 300 entries covering all areas of conservation. Available for $20 to WAAC members, postage paid, or $25 to non-members. Write to Tatyana Thompson, 1453-B 14th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

From The Caber Press, a division of Thompson Conservation Laboratory, 7549 N. Fenwick, Portland, Oregon 97217:

Otto Wüchter. Diagnosis and Therapy in Parchment and Miniature Restoration. trans. Nancy A. Miller, ed. Jack C. Thompson. (Orig. pub. Restaurator, 5: 135-150, 1981-82). Portland: The Caber Press, 1987.

Julius Wiesner. Microscopic Examination of the Faijum Papers. trans. Gudrun Aurand, ed. Jack C. Thompson. (Orig. pub. Mittheilungen aus de Sammlung der Papyrus Erzherzog Ranier, Vienna, 1887). Portland: The Caber Press, 1986.

Istor Productions, a division of Thompson Conservation Laboratory, is a video company which was formed to produce visual essays that explore elements of the art and science of modern conservation. Available titles (see also Regional News):

For more information contact:

Istor Productions
1417 N.W. Everett
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 248-0046

From John Wiley & Sons, Inc., One Wiley Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873:

Kurt Nassau. The Physics and Chemistry of Color, The Fifteen Causes of Color. 1983, 496pp, $52.50. A comprehensive treatment of the causes of color covering their physical and chemical origin and their varied occurrences in biology and mineralogy, in the atmosphere, in the visual process, and in many branches of technology, including paints, dyes, glass and ceramics, photography, art preservation, and lasers.

Ronald Lambourne, ed. Paints and Surface Coatings, Theory and Practice. 1987, 696pp, $89.95. Focusing on the underlying scientific aspects of the subject, this volume offers comprehensive coverage of the science and technology of paints and surface coatings. Included is detailed information on the polymer chemistry of all the common paint binders, on pigment and pigment selection, and on the physics of paints.

From Special Libraries Association, Order Dept., Box NM, 1700 Eighteenth St., NW, Washington, DC 20009:

James Koobatian. Faking It: An International Bibliography of Arts & Literary Forgeries, 1949-1986. 1987, 256pp, $25.00. Faking It is an almost exhaustive coverage of forgeries in the arts. The categories of bibliographical entries include antiques, prints, stamps, jewelry, literature, ceramics, tapestry, musical instruments, pewter, silver, and furniture. Covered extensively, of course, are paintings and sculpture.

From Butterworths Publishers, 80 Montvale Avenue, Stoneham, MA 02180:

Garry Thomson. The Museum Environment, 2nd Edition. 1986, 308pp, $39.95.

The National Gallery of Art and Cambridge University Press have announced the publication of the first volume of the series on Artists' Pigments:

Robert L. Feller, ed. Artists' Pigments, A Handbook of their History and Characteristics. 300pp. Hardcover available from Cambridge University Press for $49.50 or to IIC members (through IIC) for $47.25. Softcover available only from Publication Sales, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC 20560 for $18.95. Volume one covers the pigments: Indian Yellow; Cobalt Yellow; Barium Sulphate (natural and synthetic); Cadmium Yellows, Oranges, and Reds; Red Lead and Minium; Green Earth; Zinc White; Chrome Yellow and other chromates; Lead Antimonate Yellow; and Carmine.

J. Paul Getty Trust Publications, Book Warehouse, The J. Paul Getty Museum, P.O. Box 2112, Santa Monica, CA 90406 has announced the following:

Philip Ward. The Nature of Conservation: A Race Against Time. Getty Conservation Institute, in cooperation with ICOM and CCI, 70pp, $8.00.

Conservation Training Index. ICCROM and GCI, an international index of courses in conservation, $10.00.

H.W.M. Hodges, ed. In Situ Archaeological Conservation. INAH and GCI, 24 papers with color plates and bibliographies, $15.00.

The Getty Conservation Institute's reference series Research in Conservation. Technical reports are $8.00 each for annual subscribers or $16.00 each for individual copies. The following volumes are available in 1987:

No. 1. Terry Reedy and Chandra Reedy. Statistical Analysis in Art Conservation.

No. 2. Charles Selwitz. Cellulose Nitrate in Conservation.

No. 3. R. L. Feller and M. Wilt. Evaluation of Cellulose Ethers for Conservation.

No. 4. R. L. Feller. Evaluation of Procedures Used in Accelerated Photochemical Aging Testing of Museum and Archival Materials.

No. 5. Glen Cass. Protection of Works of Art from Photochemical Smog.

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