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Quadruplex or Quad, Ampex Corporation (1956)

As described in ANSI/SMPTE 6-1993. A transverse scan videotape recorder which uses complicated and expensive mechanics to produce excellent video. The tape itself must withstand heavy physical stress. Furthermore, 2" Quads improved over the years from low-band to mid- and high-band brands, all of which require changes to the machinery to get proper playback.

Other tapes that look like this: 2" Helical Ampex; 2" Sony Helical. Even thought these are different recording techniques, both of these formats are similarly endangered.

Critically endangered

2"Quadruplex, Front



Shipping Cases for 2" Quad: These large plastic cases increased the weight of the 2"-Quad to 25 or 30 pounds. In most cases these are excellent storage containers; however, early shipping cases may have a polystyrene foam gasket which can deteriorate into a coarse, black powder. Shipping cases used for long-term storage should have the foam gasket removed.


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