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A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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veiny leather ( veined )

The colored pattern of arteries, veins, and other blood vessels sometimes seen in parchment and vellum, or even leather, where the pattern of the larger vessels appears on the grain surface in the form of indentations. In parchment and vellum it is caused by insufficient removal of blood from the vascular system of the skin while in the case of leather it is due to bacterial degradation of collagen fibers in the vicinities of the blood vessels. Veininess usually results from the use of skins of animals found dead of natural causes, from improper or delayed curing after flaying, or for some reason wherein the blood is not drained from the animal immediately after slaughter. In some cases, veininess can actually enhance the beauty of vellum, especially if the blood vessels form geometrical and/or attractive patterns. (291 , 363 )

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