Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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vellucent binding

A method of decorating (and protecting) a bookbinding utilizingTRANSPARENT VELLUM . The technique was developed byCEDRIC CHIVERS sometime around 1903, and is designed not only for the protection of leather bindings, but also to protect covers bearing colored designs (usually pictorial in nature) painted on paper, attached to the boards, and then covered with the vellum. The vellucent covering is also suitable for highly decorative designs because it is possible to further embellish the design by means of mother-of-pearl, irridescent shell, and the like, all of which may be covered and permanently protected by the vellum. The surface of the vellum itself can he tooled in gold, thus further enhancing the entire effect. See also: EDWARDS OF HALIFAX . (94 , 236 )

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