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A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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ferrous sulfate

An astringent salt (FeSO 4 ), usually obtained in the form of the pale green efflorescent, crystalline heptahydrate (FeSO 4 .7H 2 O) as a byproduct, and used extensively in the 19th century in the production ofSPRINKLED CALF , MOTTLED CALF , and TREE CALF bindings. Unfortunately, its use resulted in severe deterioration of the leather in most cases. It was also used in the execution of the JAPAN MARBLE .

It is sometimes used today in dyeing or finishing with dyewoods to impart a blue-black shade to leather, in the manufacture of writing inks, and in engraving and lithography. Also called "copperas," or "green vitriol." (237 )

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