Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 21 2002
The American Institute for Conservation

Volume 21


The Photochrom: A Method of Photolithographic Color Printing, 1998-1924 (Abstract)
Valerie Baas
John P. McElhone

Conserve This! The Story of a Drawing Becoming a Photograph (Abstract)
Elmer Eusman

Light/Motion/Space: The Experimental Diazotypes of Otto Piene
Scott Gerson
Lee Ann Daffner

Identifying an Unknown Francesca Woodman: An Investigation into Diazotypes (Summary)
Dana C. Hemmenway

Revealing Francesca Woodman's Temple Project (Summary)
Nora W. Kennedy

Testing and Decision-Making Regarding the Exhibition of Blueprints and Diazotypes
Jennifer Koerner
Karen Potje

In the Black: Ink-like Photo-reproductions on Tracing Cloth
Lois Olcott Price

Responding to Biological Hazards: The Effects of Chlorine Dioxide, Ethylene Oxide, Foam, and Irradiation on People and Cultural Property (Abstract)
Andrew Robb

A Blueprint for Conserving Cyanotypes (Abstract)
Mike Ware

A Photo Album Structure from Philadelphia, 1865
Betsy Palmer Eldridge

English Artists' Paper: What's New (Abstract)
John Krill

Navigating the Portolan Atlas: Study and Treatment (Abstract)
Vasaré Rastonis

Stanley The Glass Print (Abstract)
Ted Stanley

Archives Conservators Discussion Group: Humidification and Flattening
Nora Lockshin
Kathy Ludwig
Kristen St. John

Practical Considerations for Humidifying and Flattening Paper
Stephanie Watkins

Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group 2002: Mutilation, Damage, Dispair, Repair
Ethel E. Hellman
Meg Brown

Cyclododecane in Paper Conservation Discussion

Book Exhibition Issues Discussion

A Tale of Two Facsimiles: Incorporating Digital Technology in Conservation Treatments
Dawn Heller
Michele Youket

Waxing Scientific: Exploring New Options for Wax Seal Consolidation
Rachel Lapkin
Ann Lindsey
Virginia Meredith
Vasaré Rastonis
Susan Russick
Giselle Simon

Conservation Experience in Working with Chrome Tanned Leather
Ann Lindsey

Water Damaged Books: Washing Intact and Air Drying--A Novel (?) Approach
Bill Minter

Spot-Welding Polyester Film: An Alternative Method
Ted Stanley

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