Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 16 1997
The American Institute for Conservation

An Interim Treatment for Paper Degraded by Verdigris
Lage Carlson

Aloft in a Balloon: Treatment of a Scrapbook of Early Aeronautica Collected by William Upcott, 1783-1840
Janice Stagnitto Ellis

The Use of Calcium Bicarbonate and Magnesium Bicarbonate Solutions in Small Conservation Workshops: Survey Results
Amy E. Gerbracht
Irene Br�ckle

The Gantse Megillah : Conservation of a 14-15th Century Parchment Esther Scroll
Annlinn Kruger Grossman

Identification and Classification of Colorants Used During Mexico's Early Colonial Period
Mary Elizabeth Haude

Restoration of Losses in Old Master Prints and Drawings Using the Historic Techniques of European Conservators
Lilly Hollander

Construction Paper: A Brief History of Impermanence
Joan Irving

The Whitening Effects of Peroxide Gels on Darkened Lead White Paint
Margo R. McFarland

Conservation of Nineteenth-Century Tracing Paper: A Quick Practical Approach
Susan Page

Summary of the History of Blue Paper
Roy L. Perkinson

A Prototype System to Document Book Conservation
Susan Russick

Positive Pressure Respirators: A Project Undertaken at the Commonwealth Conservation Center, Harrisburg, PA
Jane Smith

Hunting for Old Paper with James McNeill Whistler
Martha M. Smith

The Development of Interventive Conservation Treatment Techniques: Procedures for the Repair of Artifactual Library and Archival Materials
Anna Stenstrom

Undercover: Two-Layered Inserts for Chromo Papers
Mary Studt
Amy Fernandez
Irene Br�ckle

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