Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 13 1994
The American Institute for Conservation

Treatment 305: A Collections Conservation Approach to Rebinding Laced-on-Board Binding Structures
Brian J. Baird

The Role of Gelatin in Paper Permanency II
Timothy Barrett
Cynthia Mosier

An Investigation Toward the Identification of Traditional Drawing Inks
Jan Burandt

Historic Intent: Lodovico Ughi's Topographical Map of Venice; A Large Wall Map as an Historic Document, a Work of Art, and a Material Artifact
Susan Filter

Removing Mounts from Works of Art on Paper: Case Histories to Illustrate the Decision-making Process
Elizabeth Leslie Coombs

Treating Manuscripts from the William Faulkner Collection
Karen L. Pavelka

Determining How Best to Conserve Books in Special Collections
Nicholas Pickwoad

Line and Shadow: The Role of Ink in American Architectural Drawings Prior to 1860
Lois Olcott Price

One-piece Post Binding with Interior Hinges
Elaine Reidy Schlefer

Papyrus Storage at Princeton University
Ted Stanley

Tips & Techniques
Debora Dyer Mayer
Elizabeth Morse

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