Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 04 1985
The American Institute for Conservation

An Adjustable Book Cradle Design
Jane Beeson Boyd

Miguel Covarrubias: Conservation of Ninety-One Works on Paper
Randall Couch

Retrieval of Paper Fibers Affixed to Cellophane Tape
Phillip B. Gottfredson

A Study of the Discoloration Products Found in White Lead Paint
Claire L. Hoevel

Notes on a Small Suction Box
Stuart A. Kohler

Cross Sectioning of Photographic Artifacts
Kathy Mayhall
Siegfried Rempel

The Use of Linen a s a Book Covering Material
William Minter

A Study of the Quality of Japanese Papers Used in Conservation
Sue Beauman Murphy
Siegfried Rempel

A Japanese Painting Strip Reinforcement Technique
Yoshiyuki Nishio
Ryo Nishiumi

A Method for Temporarily Facing a Varnished Map During Aqueous Conservation Treatment
Sylvia Rodgers

The Effects of Electrostatic Copying on Modern Photographs
Gary D. Saretzky

The Use and Identification of Plastic Packaging Films for Conservation
Thomas O. Taylor

The Planning, Construction, and Operation of a Cold Room
Jim Wallace

A Book and Paper Group Panel Discussion on Ethics: Introduction
Timothy Vitale

The Code of Ethics and Manuscript and Archival Conservation
Marian Peck Dirda

The Code of Ethics and Archival Conservation
Norvell Jones

The Code of Ethics and the Conservation of Art on Paper
Denise Thomas

Book Conservation and the Code of Ethics
Don Etherington

The Code of Ethics, the Private Conservator, and the Regional Conservation Center
Pamela Young Randolph

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