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General Resources

William J. Arnold
Fumigation for Insect Control: Sensitive Structures, Museums and Art and Valuables Repositories, WAAC Newsletter, Volume 7, Number 1, Jan. 1985, pp.6-7

John Burke
Materials & Equipment for Anoxic Fumigation

The Chicora Foundation
Managing: Pests in Your Collections

Vinod Daniel, Gordon Hanlon, and Shin Maekawa
Eradication of Insect Pests in Museums Using Nitrogen

Gagelmann, M., et al.
First results of a pilot decontamination in a PCP polluted building by means of a humidity controlled thermal process

Arsenio Sánchez Hernampérez
A Brief Bibliography on Pest Management

Erich Kesse
Identification of Infested Paper, Book and Textile Formats
Know the Signs of Insect Infestation
Letter about fumigation

Karen Motylewsky
Pest, Insect & Fungus Management--Conference Notes

Mark Nicholson & Werner von Rotberg
Controlled Environment Heat Treatment as a Safe and Efficient Method of Pest Control, A paper delivered to the 2nd International Conference on Insect Pests in the Urban Environment, Edinburgh July 1996

Environmental and health concerns have caused a radical change in the popular perception of chemical pest control methods. Governmental and environmental agencies seek to further limit the uses of chemicals in areas that have, till now, accepted them as routine treatments. As an example, the German Dangerous Substances Act requires that "toxic gases may no longer be employed if a toxin free procedure is effective and reasonable." Here in the UK, if we are to be realistic, we must also anticipate a general move in this direction. These concerns have led to the development of what are essentially two new processes. Designed to treat insect pests in objects these treatments are thermal with controlled humidity and inert gas fumigation.

Bibliographic resources

Wendy Jessup
Integrated Pest Management: A Selected Bibliography for Collections Care.
(Includes a section on Occupational Safety and Health for Those who Work with Pesticides, compiled by Monona Rossol of Arts, Crafts, and Theater Safety, Inc. with contributions by Wendy Jessup)

Pest Control Bibliography SOLINET Preservation Program, September 1994

Other pest control services and resources

Thomas A. Parker, (Entomologist)
Pest Control Services, Inc. Entomological Consulting

Resources at other sites

J.H. Baird

Biological Control Virtual Information Center
Links to information on biological control organizations, databases, and web sites around the world.

The Bishop Museum
Bugs are eating my family treasures (PDF)

The insect and spider collections of the world website

"This web site is the clearing house of information on the insect and spider collections of the world. The information presented here is based primarily on the 1993 book, The Insect and Spider Collections of the World, 2nd edition, by R.H. Arnett, G.A. Samuelson & G.M. Nishida, with substantial additions and corrections."

Abbreviations for Insect and Spider Collections of the World

"[A] full list of the insect and spider collections known to us along with their abbreviation [= coden]. Each collection is presented with its coden, locations, and a web link if they have one"

California Preservation Program

"Today, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has become the key strategy for managing insects. This Unit describes the elements of a successful IPM"

Getty Conservation Institute
Getty Research WebStracts
Development of a Hermetically Sealed Nitrogen Atmosphere Display Case (see also 1.6)

Charles Selwitz & Shin Maekawa
Inert Gases in the Control of Museum Insect Pests

Lightsense Corporation, The Getty Conservation Institute
Lawrence S. Ring, Wayne E. Rodgers, Shin Maekawa, Frank Preusser, Vinod Daniel,

IPM Associates, Inc
Introduction to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for "Urban" Landscapes

Integrated Pest Management Working Group

"This site is brought to you as a service of the Integrated Pest Management Working Group, a group of collection managers, conservators and other professionals interested in issues surrounding the implementation of integrated pest management in museums and other collection-holding institutions. The group is informally hosted by the American Museum of Natural History in New York and meets on an ad-hoc basis. The goal of the group is to promote and facilitate good IPM practices and collaboration between staff and institutions through the development and on-line distribution of training materials and other resources. The group also maintains the IPM mailing list to provide a forum for discussion of IPM-related topics."

National Park Service

National Park Service
The National Park Service Integrated Pest Management Manual
Museum Handbook, Chapter 5: Biological Infestations (PDF)
The NPS Conserve O Gram series includes several pamphlets (in PDF format)
An Insect Pest Control Procedure: The Freezing Process
Monitoring Insect Pests with Sticky Traps
Controlling Insect Pests: Alternatives to Pesticides

Integrated Pest Management, Technical Leaflet

Desorption of Residual Ethylene Oxide from Fumigated Library Materials
Frank H. Hengemihle, Norman Weberg and Chandru J. Shahani Preservation Research and Testing Office November 1995, Preservation Research and Testing Series No. 9502.

Northern States Conservation Center
NSCC Pest control page

Pesticide Action Network (PAN)
PAN Pesticide Database

Pesticide Database Web site, your one-stop location for current toxicity and regulatory information for pesticides. The PAN Pesticide Database brings together a diverse array of information on pesticides from many different sources...

This work was supported by grants from the David B. Gold Foundation, U.S. EPA, Region IX, the Bauman Foundation, Californians for Pesticide Reform, and other funders and supporters of Pesticide Action Network North America.

Tom Strang
Reducing the Risk to Collections from Pests

Swedish working group PRE-MAL, Pest Research and Education--Museums Archives and Libraries
Ted Radcliffe's IPM World Textbook
Integrated Pest Management, featuring contributed chapters by internationally acclaimed experts. This project is co-sponsored by the Consortium for International Crop Protection (CICP) and National IPM Network (NIPMN).

Christopher Waller
Sauerstoffarme Lagerung von Kunstwerken aus Metall und organischen Substanzen, giftfreie Schädlingsbek�mpfung durch Sauerstoffentzug, Anoxic storage, Pest control without poisonous gas by oxygen deprivation (in German)

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