Materials & Equipment for Anoxic Fumigation

prepared by
John Burke
The Oakland Museum

(prices as of 5/94, not including tax & shipping)

Vapor Barrier Film

from: packaging supplier, such as LPS Industries Inc., (800) 275-4577
item: Marvelseal 360
(or equivalent MIL-B-131H, Class 1 film)
#360-36D (36" x 200yd roll)
(48" rolls also available)

Oxygen Scavenger Packets

from: Mitsubishi International, (213) 687-2800, or
Keepsafe Systems, (416) 703-4696
item: "Ageless" Z-2000 (2000ml capacity/packet)
250 packets per case
(Z-1000, Z-500 also available)

Oxygen Indicator Tablets

from: Mitsubishi International, (213) 687-2800, or
Keepsafe Systems, (416) 703-4696
item: "Ageless Eye"
500 tablets per pack

Portable Heat Sealer (min. 1/2" wide seal)

from: Packaging Aids Corporation, (415) 454-4868, or
Keepsafe Systems, (416) 703-4696
item: Futura Portable Heat Sealer
Barrier Model #1F04100

Tacking Iron (must reach 350 deg)

from: picture frame supply, plastic supplier, or
Keepsafe Systems, (416) 703-4696
item: Sealector II (100 deg-350 deg) Model# 3198-128
or: industrial hand sealing iron (175 deg-550 deg)!

Leak Detector (optional but recommended)

from: Lab Safety Supply, (800) 543-9910
item: Combustible Gas Detector
Model# WB-9187

Nitrogen Apparatus (approximate prices)

from: gas or welding supply, such as Mavry Welding (800) 543-9910
items: regulator for nitrogen or argon $80.00
  25" 1/2" OD high pressure hose 12.00
  blow-gun for compressed gases 10.00
  adaptor fittings (connectors) 10.00
  cylinder wall bracket 30.00
  nitrogen, 255 cu.ft.tank (incl. 1 yr. rental) 50.00

Miscellaneous Items
(approximate prices)

  mylar tape (3M 810 or 850), scissors, ruler heavy-duty 36" roll holder (pipe and bracket) aerosol "duster" (for use w/leak detector) $20.00
from: Keepsafe Systems
(416) 703-4696
items: Ageless & amp; RP Oxygen Absorbers  
  PTS Barrier films  
  heat sealers  
  related micro climate and anoxic storage materials  

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