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[AV Media Matters] Hard Drive Back-up Question


What do you consider are the best, optimal and minimal environmental
conditions for storing hard drives?  Also, are there any benefits to
archiving digital files on fewer large vs. more smaller capacity drives.
the video tape world, I've always preferred master tapes up to the
length, because I understand that in some formats the tape is thinner in
large some longer length tapes, and because if a tape gets damages,
are less data potentially lost.

Steve Wystrach
213 369 6903

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The three largest manufacturers of HDDs are Seagate, Maxtor and Western
Digital.  All three of these companies have spent a lot of time and
increasing the reliability of their HDDs.  They have solved the head
problem and the bearing problem.  I am not aware of any other major
mechanism.  They all use auto-tracking which I invented in 1976.

I have been attending Storage Trade Shows and Conferences and have
learned a
lot about HDDs and LTOs.

All archives must develop a plan for making backups of all electronic
and storing them off-site.

Jim Wheeler

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