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Re: [AV Media Matters] Digitizing Audio and Video-ReallyBigPost

Hi Jim,

Drives are fragile mechanical devices which run at very high speeds and have complex servo systems. Therefore, they are volatile in some respect or other. Like any mechanical system, they are always in the slow process of destroying themselves. Ironically, I've said for years that I'd love to see videotape go away, as tape machines are notorious for mechanical problems and media damage! This is still true, but I have been thinking in terms of short-term storage for production purposes, not long-term archives.

Maybe I'm just stuck in a rut; it is hard for me to imagine some kind of

huge disk-based server spinning away in a vault somewhere holding the primary archival version of some important content. It just seems too non-real. I dunno... Is this really any worse than storing this stuff on a digital tape format that might be unplayable in 50 (or 10) years? Perhaps not, but making sure the data stays intact requires a different process. If nothing else, the level of vigilence and expertise required

to maintain a disk-based archive would be higher, I think.

I guess I'd prefer some kind of non-volatile RAM device that simply holds the bits in a fixed pattern indefinitely. Crystal lattice storage...? <grin>

-- Eric

Jim Wheeler wrote:


The three largest manufacturers of HDDs are Seagate, Maxtor and
Digital.  All three of these companies have spent a lot of time and
increasing the reliability of their HDDs.  They have solved the head
problem and the bearing problem.  I am not aware of any other major
mechanism.  They all use auto-tracking which I invented in 1976.

I have been attending Storage Trade Shows and Conferences and have
learned a
lot about HDDs and LTOs.

All archives must develop a plan for making backups of all electronic
and storing them off-site.

Jim Wheeler

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