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[AV Media Matters] Article on Corbis archive (link)

My pleasure.

The link to this article on the Washington Post site is:


-- Eric

W.Williams@ru.ac.za wrote:

Hi Eric

Has the article been posted online?  Do you have a link to (or heading
for) the article?

Wayne Williams

Project Manager, Digitising
International Library of African Music

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I just finished reading the article in today's Washington Post
on the Corbis archive and the critical situation with the last

still photos. While the article does not really mention film and electronic media preservation, it does a good job explaining why still photos are at risk and some of the solutions being undertaken. It
hints at the notions of "preservation" and "archiving" as important
functions in society.

This is certainly a good start in making the general public aware of

potential for cultural loss in all media. I was heartened to see such an article in Post!

-- Eric Wenocur Lab Tech Systems

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