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[AV Media Matters] Studer A807 - Back (Briefly) By Popular Demand

Here's a happy follow-up to Dietrich Schueller's
"Re: Studer A 807 - last orders" message of July 31, 2001
to the AV Media Matters list:

In talking to Sam Lum, Studer North America, about some A807 parts,
I learned that, due to popular demand, the A807 production line is
_not_ shutting down this summer as planned.  Studer will accept orders
for 200 additional A807 MKIIs in various configurations.

I inquired about Herr Schueller's desirable "archivist" configuration,
"replay-only version with a half-track plus a quarter-track head,
Sam said he had a warehouse full of pre-owned A807-0.75 VUK (half-track
butterfly heads, meter bridge) play-only machines that he would
relap, and offer at _very_ reasonable prices.  He said he could easily
quarter-track heads and switches. (Toll-free Canada/US: 866-269-0000).

Glad to be the bearer of good analog tape news, which I've also posted
to the ARSC and Studer lists.

Gary Sprung
Carmel, CA USA

>Re: Studer A 807 - last orders:
>I was informed by Bruno Hochstrasser, Managing Director of Studer, that
>production of Studer analogue tape recorders A 807 and A 827 will be
>discontinued. However, a last lot will be produced if orders are placed
>31st Augst (local distributers may require an earlier deadline). As the
>quantity will be limited, orders will accepted on a first come - first
>served basis. Machines ordered will then be delivered by September 2002
>latest. Prices will be15% above last list prices.
>A 807 is a very attractive quarter inch analogue machine for the replay
>analogue holdings. I am trying to place an order for a replay-only
>with a half-track plus a quarter track head, switchable. The chance to
>convince Studer to produce such a special variant would be greater, if
>mumber of such machines will be ordered. Should you wish to join us,
>contact me before 13th August and I will contact Studer on that matter.
>Should you wish to order a standard model, please contact your agent.
>Please spread this message to other institutions that might be
>A 827 multichannel tape recorder is also phasing out (not a real
>Dietrich Schueller
>Chair, IASA TC
>(Appologies for multiple information)
>Phonogrammarchiv - Austrian Academy of Sciences
>Liebiggasse 5, A-1010 Vienna
>Phone: +43 1 4277-29601
>Fax: +43 1 4277-9296
>E-Mail: ph-@oeaw.ac.at
>Internet: www.pha.oeaw.ac.at

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