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RE: [AV Media Matters] Uncompressed digital tape

scott_turner@wgbh.org wrote:
> Can anyone tell me the probability that the market will soon provide a
> "reasonably" priced uncompressed digital videotape in the near future?
> I'm asking because some of our productions are considering transferring 
> their archived 1-inch masters to digital beta.  Does anyone see a format
> that will replace digital beta?
> Thanks.
> Scott Turner
> WGBH Archives

I think 0% if you think in terms of a "video format". If you consider 
video as data - there are many options and I think that there will be 
many more ways of storing video data (or any other kind of data). As I 
have mentioned on this list and elsewhere - I would also look more for 
lossLESS compression options which have the advantages of no loss 
(visual or bitwise) and a more compact file size. A Terrabyte used to be 
allot of storage. No Longer. I would expect to see a TB in a single 
spindle disk unit no later then 2005 - there is research being done in 
many areas to support that assertion. A good article to look at is:
Tape has already proven to be unreliable, big - and very - well - 
linear. Tape will be expensive compared to Hard Drives in the not too 
distant future. I suggest you start looking in different areas for good 
archival solutions. 

James Lindner

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