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[AV Media Matters] CD Jewel Case Labelling

Hi y'all,

I'm writing with yet another question about CD-R
We've been using a Dremel (engraver) to etch CD serial
number, catalog number, speed of burn, date of burn,
etc. into the jewel cases themselves for archival
storage.  I know using paper in the jewel case is
generally a bad idea, due to acid off-gassing (though
i suppose there is also acid-free CD case insert paper
you can buy somewhere?)  I've been suspicious of using
stick-on labels on the outsides of the jewelcases to
bear the archival info, fearing these might off-gas,
or that the adhesive might do so. =20
The thing about the Dremeling process is that it
produces a lot of plastic dust while also seemingly
ionizing the plastic and making removal of said dust
difficult.  And in light of the recently-discussed
dust issues...I was wondering, do you have any
suggestions for better archival strategies to address
this issue.
How do you handle labelling in your archive?

Thanks once more,
       Brian Levy

Robert Brian Levy
Language Activist; Archivist
Kiwat Hasinay Foundation
651 S Peoria Ave  Apt 4
Tulsa, OK 74120 USA

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