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Re: [AV Media Matters] Kodak videotape

The first 8mm camcorder system introduced in the USA was the Kodak
Kodavision system as it was analog video using 8mm MP tape.

The Kodak MVS system came out soon after and it was also analog but was very
modular (MVS = Kodak Modular System) and it used MP and ME tape.  The
recorder docked with a camera, home tuner timer , converter charger and a
many other accessories.  The modular design was confusing to many consumers.

Kodak outsourced video both professional and consumer in the early 80's.
The tape had very good QC and QA programs by both the manufacturer and
Kodak.  There are quality and compatability issues with any video tape but I
feel confident the Kodak brand tape was certainly above average in the
market at the time.

Their was never any 8mm camcorders outsourced from Hitachi.

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Subject: Re: [AV Media Matters] Kodak videotape

>I seem to recall that Kodak's camcorder was completely digital, the first of
>it's kind, and yes way ahead of its time. I used one once for a little job.
>Joe Salerno
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>Subject: [AV Media Matters] Kodak videotape
>>I, too, was sad to see Kodak drop its tape line. I purchased and used many
>>cases of Kodak VHS and 8mm videotapes, and cannot recall a single problem.
>>I have some vague notion that the tape was actually manufactured in Japan.
>>Kodak also came out with one of the first 8mm camcorder systems (made by
>>Hitachi)in the early 80s which was also very good, but unfortunately ahead
>>of its time.
>> Tom Dickinson
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>>From: joe salerno [mailto:salernoj@swbell.net]
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>>Subject: Re: [AV Media Matters] arsclist Deterioration of Acetate TAPES
>>Kodak also made video tape, and good tape at that. They eliminated all of
>>it from their line sometime in the mid-80s or so.
>>Joe Salerno
>>Video Works! Is it working for you?
>>PO Box 273405 - Houston TX 77277-3405
>>Moderators Comment:
>>Well - er - um =- let us just say that there may be some differences of
>>opinion on the quality issue.....
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>>From: "Jim Wheeler" <Jimwheeler@aol.com>
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>>Subject: RE: [AV Media Matters] arsclist Deterioration of Acetate TAPES and
>>>I was not aware that Kodak made audio tapes.  Sorry to hear that you threw
>>>them out.  I have never found a tape that I could not play.  Even if they
>>>are "hockey pucks", they can be restored.
>>>Jim Wheeler

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