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Re: [AV Media Matters] Kodak videotape

I seem to recall that Kodak's camcorder was completely digital, the first of
it's kind, and yes way ahead of its time. I used one once for a little job.

Joe Salerno
Video Works! Is it working for you?
PO Box 273405 - Houston TX 77277-3405
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Subject: [AV Media Matters] Kodak videotape

>I, too, was sad to see Kodak drop its tape line. I purchased and used many> cases of Kodak VHS and 8mm videotapes, and cannot recall a single problem.
>I have some vague notion that the tape was actually manufactured in Japan.
>Kodak also came out with one of the first 8mm camcorder systems (made by
>Hitachi)in the early 80s which was also very good, but unfortunately ahead
>of its time.
>Tom Dickinson
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>Kodak also made video tape, and good tape at that. They eliminated all of it
>from their line sometime in the mid-80s or so.
>Joe Salerno
>Video Works! Is it working for you?
>PO Box 273405 - Houston TX 77277-3405
>Moderators Comment:
>Well - er - um =- let us just say that there may be some differences of
>opinion on the quality issue.....
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>Subject: RE: [AV Media Matters] arsclist Deterioration of Acetate TAPES and
>> Jeff
>>I was not aware that Kodak made audio tapes.  Sorry to hear that you threw
>>them out.  I have never found a tape that I could not play. Even if they
>>are "hockey pucks", they can be restored.
>>Jim Wheeler

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