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Re: [AV Media Matters] news story about CD & fungus

>The fungus had burrowed into the CD from the outer
>edge, then devoured the thin aluminium layer and some of the data-storing
>polycarbonate resin. Dr Cardenes said: ?It completely destroys the
>aluminium. It leaves nothing behind.? Biologists at the council had never
>seen this fungus, but concluded that it belonged to a common genus called

Since when do fungi eat aluminum? I learned in school that fungi (and
everything else alive) eat organic matter, not metal. I looked up
geotrichum at www.doctorfungus.org and it says that geotrichum live on
plants, fruits, soil, dairy products, man and mammals. Is this just a
journalist not getting the facts correct and the fungus is actually eating
the polycarbonate?


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