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Contact: Jim Hubbard, 212-865-1499, jimhub@earthlink.net
Mona Jimenez, 718-284-7864, info@imappreserve.org

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Do you have a
historic media collection that's gathering dust? Independent Media
Arts Preservation (IMAP) has launched its new web site,
www.imappreserve.org to help independent producers and arts and
cultural organizations catalog their media works.
Dedicated to the preservation of independent electronic media, IMAP is
concerned that the history of non-commercial production is being lost,
ranging from video art, audio art, and technology-based installation
art to independent documentary and narratives, community media, and
documentation of arts and culture.

The web site features an easy-to-use, standardized template for
cataloging video or film collections as part of IMAP's Cataloging
Project.  The template is designed specifically for independent
producers and non-profit organizations who have little experience with
cataloging, but is useful for any archive with media holdings.
In addition to the template, the web site provides sample cataloging
entries, template instructions and preservation information.
Users of the template may also access technical assistance via

IMAP recently received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts
and the
Rockefeller Foundation to create Phase II of the web site.  Phase
II, to be completed in 2001, will include a cataloging tutorial, with
full instructions through "Quick Reference" pop-up boxes,
additional sample entries, and expanded information resources.

By distributing the template, IMAP will lay the groundwork for a
database of independent media collections that will be accessible to
users through a common interface. Currently information about these
collections is largely inaccessible.

The Cataloging Project is a national model for establishing a
compatible information system for moving image collections across
broad geographic regions, among a wide range of organizations and

IMAP serves
the independent media community by:
o helping
non-profit organizations and artists/producers care for and preserve
their electronic media collections. IMAP is interested in sharing the
skills and knowledge that make this work possible.
o serving as a
central place for information on issues of media preservation,
providing referrals to consultants, preservation groups, and
print/online materials, as well as to independent media collections
and related historical materials.
participating in national and international forums on preservation,
serving as an advocate for independent media, and building awareness
of electronic media collections and practices.

Among those currently using the cataloging template are the
Center, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Paper Tiger Television,
Visual Studies Workshop, the Kitchen, and individual artists Pauline
Oliveros, Steina and Woody Vasulka,, and Paul Ryan.  IMAP also
assisted the dance preservation organization Preserve, Inc to adapt
the template to create a Dance Video Catalog.

IMAP members represent media arts centers, artist spaces, libraries,
community media centers, university media programs, public television
radio stations, performing arts organizations, artists, educators,
curators, and conservators.  IMAP is supported by grants from the
National Endowment for the Arts, the New York Foundation for the Arts,
the Rockefeller Foundation, and the New York State Council on the
Arts, a public agency.

Mona Jimenez
Independent Media Arts Preservation
c/o Electronic Arts Intermix
542 W. 22nd Street, 3rd fl.
New York, NY 10011
fax 212-337-0679

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