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[AV Media Matters] more CD labelling

I'm in the middle of transferring dozens of 1/4" open reel tapes
from the'50's-'80'sand I noticed the recent debate on using certain
pens to label CD-R discs andthe possible consequences.  Could
someone give me more info on which pensare NO GOOD and which
manufacturers' discs are more susceptible to beingdestroyed by inks?
I've been using TDK data discs, which have what looks to bea
translucent coating on the top, after I got a bunch of coasters from
our friendsat SONY.  I'm also fond of HHB discs.  I use Sharpies to
mark the discs, but that was before I came in at the tail end of the
discussion.I'm hoping I did not create a sleeping giant.  Any
recommendation in regards tobrands of discs to use/avoid and brands
of pens to use/avoid would be greatlyappreciated; some of the tapes
I have are so brittle that I'm only getting one passout of them!
Thanks so much for your time! Dan

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