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Re: [AV Media Matters] CD labelling

>I would never write on a CD intended for long term storage. Since there is
>already a unique serial number on the CD, we record that number in our
>database. That way, if the CD ever gets separated from its case, we can
>look up the serial number and find out what it is and where it belongs.

But what would you do if something were to happen to your database?  I
recommend the TDK CD-R labelling pen that has water-based ink and a soft
I've used them for years with no problems.  Also, I've labelled CD-R's on
their inner rings with Sharpies and never had a problem.  IMO, besides paper
labels, the most dangerous thing you can do to a CD-R intended for long-term
storage is unnecessary handling of the disc itself.

Jeff Carroll
Audio Preservation & Restoration Engineer
Southern Folklife Collection
Manuscripts Department
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ph.(919) 962-1345   Fax (919) 962-3594

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