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Re: [AV Media Matters] CD labelling

Hello again,

I would appreciate a few more opinions about this idea
that it's best not to write on a CD at all, when that
CD is intended for archiving information for the long
haul.  Are even 'CD-safe' pens such as that made by
TDK, which those of us working with the Caddo language
and oral traditions project have been using, as well
as the other CD-safe pens mentioned in recent postings
to this list, are these kinds of pens also likely to
compromise the life of the CD?  If so, why?

Thanks for the on-going discussions.

             Brian Levy

--- seubert@library.ucsb.edu wrote:

>I would never write on a CD intended for long term
>storage. Since there is
>already a unique serial number on the CD, we record
>that number in our
>database. That way, if the CD ever gets separated
>from its case, we can
>look up the serial number and find out what it is
>and where it belongs.
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