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Re: [AV Media Matters] Echo Discs

I have some of these.  I've never been able to get anything intelligible
from them.  Let us all know if you have better luck.

In the event they are steel or another magnetizable metal, you'll need a
pickup which does not use magnets.

The ones I tried didn't cause excessive hum, so I suspect they may be zinc.

Rice Crispies can only aspire to the torrent of snaps, crackles and pops
these discs generate.  I suspect any recording is very faint and will need
extensive processing to figure out what under the surface noise floor.

Steve Smolian

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Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 3:01 PM
Subject: [AV Media Matters] Echo Discs

>We have several Echo Discs here that I am hesitant to attempt to play
>before gathering more info.  Anyone have experience with these?  How
>about cleaning?  My guess is they will sound like someone running their
>fingernails down a chaulkboard.
>They are six inch discs and quite heavy, probably made of steel.  The
>surfaces appear to be corroded in spots.
>For others who are unfamiliar or curious, they were novelty discs for
>instantaneous recording, but I don't have any dates.  The directions on
>the sleeves read:  Place an Echo Disc on the turn table of your
>phonograph.  Use a loud steel phonograph needle - - and a megaphone.
>Then sing or talk into the horn or sound chamber keeping the megaphone
>close to the phonograph - - that's all.  You will immediately hear your
>voice by replaying Echo Disc without changing the needle.
>Any advice would be much appreciated.
>Thank you, Jeff
>Jeff Carroll
>Audio Preservation & Restoration Engineer
>Southern Folklife Collection
>Manuscripts Department
>University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
>Ph.(919) 962-1345   Fax (919) 962-3594

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