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Re: [AV Media Matters] I am talking Server based systems here


Ultimately all the server-based systems I seem to find out about end up
with archives on tape--we hope that will change to optical media, but I
just don't see for a while (except in special cases) the advantages to
keeping everything on constantly-spinning disks. Using good datacenter
management and robotics to handle the tapes and archive managers to check
them periodically (automagically) all makes sense, but I don't see the
master copies of the worlds' recorded legacy constantly living on spinning



At 11:25 AM 04/09/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>Just to be clear - my comments relate to SERVER based systems using Hard
>Disk storage - my point is to SKIP tape and optical media and go server
>based - directly, and most importantly to develop archival topologies
>and strategies (they largely do not exist yet) for ARCHIVAL storage on
>server based systems. This is very practical now with audio - video it
>is just a bit less practical - but I wanted to make this distinction
>very clear since the comments back relate to optical media types. The
>technology is more or less here to do this - but it is not only a
>technology issue.

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