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Re: [AV Media Matters] AES

In a message dated 09/25/2000 8:19:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
jim@vidipax.com writes:

> Looks like you missed one of the booths Jim! Go to
> http://www.sascom.com
> and click on "News" to learn about a new technology being used to
> preserve audio!!
> Jim Lindner - President
> VidiPax -

After "DeClicker, DeNoiser, DeCrackler, DeScratcher, DeClipper, DeBuzz,
RepairFilter, Azimuth, Spectralizer, Demotorizer, Multicomp, and
SpectralDeHiss" I wonder what is left!

It seems to me that there is a big difference between remastering and
archival preservation. There is nothing wrong with producing a release of a
historic recording that sounds as if it were recorded today.  However there
ought to exist somewhere a record of what the artifact was like to the
who produced and used it.

Mike Csontos

Moderators Comment:
You need to read the press release more carefully and  more importantly read
about the product at the web site. Quadriga is an automated system for
documentation and analysis in archival transfers - AudioCube is an audio
workstation with all the "tools". When using Quadriga you are not using any
of the audiocube tools unless you want to get into an editing environment in
which case you can. Quadriga is used  to ANALYISE the audio stream.

 I really feel uncomfortable with all of this - I am not a salesman for this
stuff - just a customer, so investigate it on your own - bottom line - we
are not necessarily using the audiocube tools in preservation work - and
frankly in the work we do I doubt we will use them much at all unless there
is a particular problem - the importance in Quadriga has nothing to do with
workstation tools.

jim lindner

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