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Re: [AV Media Matters] How lossy?

You can make a first generation copy of reel to reel and actually enhance
certain properties of the recording by using optimum bias and record levels.
Without special setup, you might get a slight high frequency loss, but it
depends on your matching levels, condition of the play and record heads,
quality of tape used, etc.  I would use the best Quantegy professional blank
archive tape you can for reel to reel copies.  Other issues in copying is
how good were the blanks erased, or is there what is known as a degaussing
signature?  Each step of a copy process is vital, clean heads, good
condition of equipment and tape, etc.

Hopefully, the CD to reel should give a faithful tertiary copy.  It would
depend on the equalization of the CD record process being faithful to the
tape reel equalization over frequency, and of course, the CDs claim to be
high fi, they should not be "compressing" the signals from the reel, unless
the controls are set for too high a playback level and record level.

As a resource on the reel to reel issues try to find the Tab paperback book,
The Complete Handbook of Magnetic Recording by Finn Jorgensen, first
edition, 1980, Tab 1059.  There is also a hardback and second edition as

Stuart Rohre
ARL Univ. of TX A/D and Recording Technologies Lab

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