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Re: [AV Media Matters] How lossy?

i would like to add just one comment to this thread:
how exactly do you "improve" a recording while copying
it? i run scared of people who suggest it, especially
when they are hypercritical of all and every digital
standard for not retaining "all" the information of
the original analogue recording (even when it is a wax

--- C Linstead <Cheryl.Linstead@gems7.gov.bc.ca>
>We are currently making reference copies of 1/4"
>sound reels onto CD-R.
>As many reels are at the advanced stages of their
>life, we must transfer the
>content to a new reel. The CD's may well outlast the
>current sound reels.
>Staff and resources are at a minimum, and as such,
>transferring projects
>take a long time to plan and implement. So, while
>compromising archival best
>practices at this time is not *entirely* out of the
>question, I'd like to
>avoid that.
>What is the level of lossiness transferring from
>original sound reel to a
>new sound reel?
>What is the level of lossiness migrating from
>original sound reel, then
>compressed to CD, and then to a new sound reel?
>Is there a reliable source to which I can refer for
>such questions (website,
>publication, text book, etc.)?
>Cheryl Linstead
>Audio-Visual Records Curator, BC Archives
>Information, Science and Technology Agency
>Phone: (250) 387-2959  /  Fax: (250) 387-2072

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